PiYo Discounted with Shakeology in May 2015

This just in! PiYo bundled with Shakeology is discounted at the lower price of $140. That's just $10 more than the cost of Shakeology.

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Order qualifies you for access to my 30 Day Elite Private Support group for daily help with nutrition (including a meal plan), daily support and accountability in a small group (20 people or less) setting. Don't get placed in one of these really large groups where you get lost. Join me and let's do this together. Want to talk before ordering, email me (jenniferwoodfitness@gmail.com)  and we can set up a short phone consultation at no charge. I look forward to working with you.

Now available in Canada!

How to order a Beachbody Workout and Shakeology at a Discount (aka Challenge Pack).

How to order a Beachbody workout and Shakeology at a discounted price.

To get a discount on Shakeology and a Beachbody workout, also known as a Challenge Pack -- you can order this bundle at a significant savings. This challenge pack bundle includes your workout and 24 or 30 servings of Shakeology. Cost depends on which workout you select and the current specials, so contact me for updated special promotions.

Options for a challenge pack include these workouts: Cize, Max 30, 21 Day Fix, Hammer and Chisel, TurboFire, P90, P90X, Insanity, 10 Minute Trainer, BodyBeast, PiYo, Tai Chang, Chalene Extreme, Hip Hop Abs, Brazil Butt Lift, Slim In 6. This special deal can only be ordered through an Independent Beachbody Coach. 

You get a significant savings when you order in a bundle like this. It includes everything you get through Beachbody.com PLUS you also get a free bonus workout DVD with most packages. You will also receive $2 shipping in the United states and $5 shipping in Canada.

*My job as a Coach is to help you find the right workout program for you, so please contact me if you have any questions, or need guidance.

Click here to see the available Challenge Pack Bundle options. 

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Twisted Elf On A Shelf Idea: Hostage Situation with Green Soldiers

This is such a cute Naughty Elf on a Shelf idea using blue tape and little green soldiers (GI Joes?). He looks like he has been captured and has been taken hostage. These little plastic soldiers are very special to me because my parents used to hide these little green soldiers all over the house and when you would find one it was kind of like an "I love you" gesture. I think I may have to get an elf and he will stay in this pose all Christmas season. Lol! Don't judge me.

Meal Prep Saturday with Recipe Links

Meal Prep Saturday

My sweet husband brought me home these roses from the store this morning. So, I was able to enjoy them as I did some meal prepping today. He is such a sweetheart. Don't you just love fresh flowers. I often wonder why I don't buy them more often. 

Here's a list of a few things I meal prepped this weekend with the links for the recipes. Make sure to plan your meals and snacks so you will be prepared as  you head out the door for work in the morning. Having your meals partially prepped will give you more time to squeeze in your workout and help you stay on track toward your fitness and weight loss goals. Also, leaving you more time to enjoy with your family.

Simple Meal Prep Grilled Chicken 

Baked Banana Choco Chip Oatmeal Cups - really good for quick breakfasts when you are running out the door. They do freeze well. Thaw and enjoy!

Baked cauliflower - rinse and cut cauliflower. Drizzle with about 1 -2 tbsp olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and chipotle seasoning (optional). Bake at 425* for about 30 minutes or until roasted and tender.

Brown Rice - cook according to package instructions. Make extra and freeze into 4-5 serving sizes and 1 serving sizes. Take out of freezer; cut away bag, microwave until thawed and enjoy!  

Hummus served with mini sweet bell peppers and celery. 

How to: Simple Meal Prep Grilled Chicken

Simple Grilled Chicken

Thaw 1 - 4 packages boneless skinless chicken breast, sprinkle with garlic powder and a seasoning blend like jerk chicken, mrs dash original or really any mixed seasoning. Drizzle with about 1 tbsp olive oil and rub in seasoning. Place on indoor or outdoor grill until cooked in the middle (approx 165 inside - sometimes I undercook a little so that when I reheat it will not be dry). Remove; allow to cool. Cut into bite size pieces and place 3-4 oz in a zip lock bag or a storage container. Freeze. When ready to eat, microwave until warm.

These are great for salads, stuffing a pita sandwich, or just pairing with a steamed vegetable (steamfresh frozen are great!) and 1/2 cup of brown rice.

Watch this short video on how I meal prep my chicken. It's not the best video, but I hope it helps.

Cross Training to Get Better Results and Faster Weight Loss

Cross training can help build muscle faster and help you lose weight quicker due to the fact that muscle burns more calories per pound than fat does. Cardio is great, but you will see even better results when you combine a weight training routine such as P90X, P90X3, Body Beast, Chalean Extreme, Body Pump, or any weight training routine. I recommend changing up your at home workout program every 2-3 months to see maximum results and confuse the muscles, or you could do a hybrid workout combining 1-3 different workouts. Of coarse, you can create your own weight training routines, but many people have a difficult time keeping up with what muscles on what days, etc. I love being able to watch a video and be told exactly how, what and how many to do to get results. If you can afford a trainer and have time to drive to and from the gym, then I am all for getting a personal trainer, but most of us do not have the time or money to do that.

30 Day Survive the Season Fitness and Nutrition Group: November 17th

30 Day Survive the Season Fitness and Nutrition Group!

Join the next 30 day health and fitness support group on November 17th. 

This group is for those who want to maintain and, or, lose during the holiday season instead of gaining that dreaded 10 pounds of flab and feeling gross. Having the support and accountability of other like minded women to help motivate and encourage you is the key to success. You will learn how to indulge at parties and events without the dreaded weight gain. Moderation is the key and staying active will help you feel super sexy in those skinny jeans, boots and not to mention that little black dress for all the holiday parties. Join me as we dig in together and support one another. I will be here for you every step of the way. I will provide you with an easy to follow meal plan, get you set up with the right workout program for you (30 min or less), and plug you into an amazing fun private support group on Facebook.

Fill out this application and let's see if this group is a good fit for you.

** US, Canada and UK** 


Slow Cooker Jerk Pork with Mango Salsa

Slow Cooker Jerk Pork with Mango Salsa 

Serve with 1/2 cup brown rice, mango salsa and a steamed vegetable, or make pork tacos with corn or flour tortillas, or make a taco salad with greens, pork meat, salsa and hot sauce for your salad dressing.

3 lb Pork Shoulder blade roast, lean, fat removed (or a pork roast)
6 cloves garlic, smashed
1 Tbsp jerk seasoning
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 lime, squeezed
1/2 cup orange juice (reduced sugar - no artificial sweeteners)

For the salsa
1 ripe mango, diced
2 roma tomatoes, diced
handfull of fresh cilantro, chopped
1 garlic clove, chopped
1 jalapeno, chopped-  optional
1/2 lime squeezed
pinch salt
1/4 yellow or red onion, chopped


Cut small slits into pork and smush cloves into roast. Combine all the dry seasoning ingredients and rub onto pork roast. Add in orange juice and lime juice. Cover and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight. Place in slow cooker and cook on low for approx 8 hours or until it shreds with a fork.

Adapted from Skinny Taste 

TurboFire Free 5 Day Inferno Meal Plan

Check out this free 5 day meal plan to jump start your weight loss efforts and get you extra lean!  This 5 day plan comes with the TurboFire workout program. This diet plan is meant to be followed for no more than 5 days. This is going to get you focused and on point with your diet and shed some immediate pounds!
Beverage Rules:
·         Stay hydrated, no less than 64 oz. of water a day, I recommend around 100.
·         You are allowed one cup of coffee per day max and one cup of tea keep sugar to a minimum and use only nonfat dairy/creamer.
·         You have to drink one Shakeology shake per day. I recommend you add 12-16 oz. of water to each packet, you may break these up into multiple shakes per day as long as they are not skipped.
·         Absolutely NO alcohol, juice, soda or sports drinks! No, not even one.
 Food Rules:
·         There are no cheat days on this diet plan, so no cheating. It is time to get serious.
·         Vegetarians are more than welcome to substitute an equal calorie item with the same amount of protein for any meat items.
·         Do your best to follow this, if you don’t have strawberries but you have raspberries, go ahead, no one is going to call the berry police, but if you are in doubt…you shouldn’t eat it.
·         If you are hungry some great fillers are fiber and wheat grass and of course trusty old water!
 Day 1
Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
1 slice low fat turkey bacon
2 slices whole wheat toast
1 egg, scrambled or poached
1/2 tomato sliced

Snack 1
1/2 medium banana
7 walnut halves

Tuna Salad
3 cups of mixed greens
4 oz. water-packed tuna (drained)
5 cherry tomatoes
1 stalk chopped celery
3 scallions diced
2 Tbsp. fat-free ranch dressing
1 cup of green tea
Snack 2
One serving Shakeology
8-16 oz. water
1/2 tbsp. almond butter
Mix in blender with ice

Honey Dijon Chicken w/ Steamed Garlic-Parmesan Broccoli
Four 6 oz. chicken breast halves
1/3 cup Dijon mustard
3 Tbsp. honey
1 Tbsp. parsley flakes, salt to taste
4 cups broccoli
4 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese, garlic salt to taste
Directions: Mix Dijon mustard with honey, add parsley flakes and salt. Coat a 6oz chicken breast half in the mixture. Cook on a grill for about 7 minutes on each side (or until fully cooked). Steam 4 cups of frozen or fresh broccoli and top with 1 Tbsp. olive oil, 2 tsp. garlic salt and 4 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese. Makes 4 servings.

Day 1 Nutrient Count:
Calories: 1,183
Total Fat: 41 g
Protein: 107 g
Carbs: 101 g
Fiber: 16.5 g
Day 2
Melon and Yogurt
6 oz. low-fat strawberry yogurt
3/4 cup cubed cantaloupe
1 tsp. honey

Snack 1
8-16 oz. water
2 tsp. peanut butter
Mix in blender

Turkey Avocado Wrap
3 slices turkey breast (4oz)
1 whole wheat tortilla
1/2 tomato diced
1/4 avocado sliced
3 lettuce leaves or a handful of mixed greens
1 Tbsp. nonfat Italian dressing

Snack 2
1 Tbsp. peanut butter, spread across 2 celery sticks
Top with 15 raisins.

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon with Ginger Rice and Bok Choy
Two 4 oz. pieces of wild salmon, without skin
3 Tbsp. teriyaki marinade or sauce
2 pineapple rings
1 garlic clove
1 medium head of bok choy
1/2 tsp. sesame oil
1/3 cup of brown rice
1 tsp. powdered ginger

Directions: Marinate the salmon in teriyaki overnight, or for an hour before grilling. Grill the salmon for 5 minutes on each side. Place pineapple slices on the grill for 2 minutes and sear. Add rice, 2/3 cup of water, and 1 tsp. powdered ginger into a rice cooker or saucepan. Cook on low heat until rice is tender. Meanwhile, spritz nonstick cooking spray and 1/2 tsp. sesame oil into frying pan. Sauté 1 garlic clove and the bok choy until soft, yet still crisp.

Day 2 Nutrient Count
Calories: 1,193
Total Fat: 33 g
Protein: 79 g
Carbs: 155 g
Fiber: 15 g

Day 3
Pineapple and Cottage Cheese
8-16 oz. low-fat cottage cheese
2 pineapple rings, canned in juice, drained or fresh
Snack 1
1 zucchini, cut lengthwise
1 large carrot, cut into spears
2 Tbsp. nonfat ranch dressing
Loaded Baked Potato
1 medium baked potato
1 Tbsp. low-fat sour cream
1 scallion diced
1 slice of turkey bacon, cooked and crumbled
1 slice of low-fat cheese
Snack 2
1/2 cup of strawberries
1 cup nonfat milk (almond or soy is acceptable)
Add water to taste

Chicken Tacos with Beans and Quinoa
Two 6-oz. chicken breasts, grilled and then diced
5 Tbsp. pico de gallo
1Tbsp. low-fat sour cream
4 small whole wheat flour tortillas
1/2 avocado peeled and sliced
5 sprigs fresh cilantro
2 cups of black beans cooked, 2 1/2 cups of quinoa cooked

Directions: Assemble chicken taco ingredients on tortillas. Top with avocado slices. Serve with 1/2 cup of black beans and 1/3 cup of cooked quinoa, seasoned with cilantro, salt and pepper. Makes 4 servings.

Day 3 Nutrient Count
Calories: 1,211
Total Fat: 17.5 g
Protein: 101 g
Carbs: 164 g
Fiber: 25.5 g
 Day 4
Pb & Banana Shakeology
1/2 medium banana
2 tsp. peanut butter
1 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology
8-16 oz. water, ice as needed

Snack 1
1 medium apple
1 Tbsp. almond butter

Egg salad Wrap
2 hard-boiled eggs, yolk removed from one
1/4 cup of low-fat cottage cheese
Whole wheat tortilla
1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp. of either dried dill or tarragon, salt and pepper to taste

Directions: Chop up hard-boiled eggs and mix with cottage cheese, mustard, salt, pepper, and herbs. Place onto tortilla and wrap up. Serve with 2 cups mixed greens, 1 sliced Roma tomato, and 1 tsp. balsamic vinegar. Toss all ingredients.

Snack 2
10 raw almonds, 1 medium orange
Steak, Spinach and Baked Potato
Two 4 oz. grass fed beef steaks – Lean cuts like loin, flank, or skirt
1 Tbsp. soy sauce
1 Tbsp. black pepper
1 garlic clove, crushed for the marinade, red pepper flakes (optional)
12 oz. bag of fresh chopped spinach
1 garlic crushed clove
3 Tbsp. low-fat sour cream
2 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese
1 medium baked potato cut in half

Directions: Marinate steak an hour before grilling or overnight, in soy sauce, black pepper, crushed garlic, and red pepper flakes (optional). Grill steak to desired doneness. For the spinach, cook in a saucepan with 1/2 cup of water, stirring often. After 3 minutes of simmering, add sour cream, garlic, and Parmesan. Cook for another 2 minutes. Serve steak and spinach with 1/2 of a baked potato.

Day 4 Nutrient Count
Calories: 1202
Total Fat: 43 g
Protein: 86 g
Carbs: 135 g
Fiber: 22 g
Day 5
Strawberry Waffle and Sausage
1 whole wheat waffle
1 tsp. strawberry preserves
2 turkey sausage link

Snack 1
1/2 medium banana
1/2 cup nonfat milk
1 scoop Shakeology
1/2 cup of water, ice as needed

Chicken and Hummus Pita
3 oz. broiled or grilled chicken, sliced thinly
1 Tbsp. hummus
1/2 cup of alfalfa sprouts
2 slices of tomato
3 slices of cucumber
1/2 6-inchwhole wheat pita
Salad: mixed greens, 1 carrot, 1 celery, tsp. balsamic vinegar

Directions: Assemble all ingredients inside the pita. Serve with a small green salad of two cups lettuce topped with 1 shredded carrot and 1 diced celery stalk. For dressing, use 1 tsp. balsamic vinegar or bottled low-calorie dressing.

Snack 2
1 cucumber
1 red bell pepper cut into slices
1 oz. low-fat cheddar cheese
Rosemary Pork Chop with Peas and Wild Rice
Two 4oz. pieces lean, boneless pork loin chop,
2 Tbsp. rosemary
1/2 tsp. olive oil
1 cup peas
1/3 cup wild rice

Directions: Marinate pork chops in rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper. Broil or grill the pork. Serve with cooked wild rice and steamed peas.

Day 5 Nutrient Count
Calories: 1,190
Total Fat 32 g
Protein: 102 g
Carbs: 132 g
Fiber: 19 g