Eat From the Pantry Challenge (Week 4 - $29.03)

WEEKLY OOP Spent $29.03

Giant Eagle
  • 6 Grands Biscuits 3* .30/2 printable's
  • Pie Filling (just because)
  • Mento's Gum .55/1 coupon
  • Butter @ 1.67
  • Bananas 
  • Mitchem Deoderant .75/1 coupon
OOP $6.48


-bloom is doing a buy more save more promo, so you get .25 back for each bloom brand purchased
  • Ketchup *2
  • 3 Cans Tomatoes
  • 4 pkg cheese 1.67 each
  • ice cream sandwiches 
  • hamburger buns $2.50
  • whip topping
  • light mayo
OOP $10.76 (I do not understand the math on this one. The coupon printed was for more than it should have been. I tried to tell the cashier, but he basically told me thats just how it works)

Bloom Trip 2
  • shredded cheese $1.67
  • 8 bloom cat food cans @ .30 each (.05 after you get the .25 back)
  • bloom 24pk water $2.99
  • 3 Gold Fish BOGO - used $1/1 home mailer 
  • Popcorn BOGO - used $1/1 from all you mag
  • 2 lbs pears .99lb
OOP $5.72

Giant Food
  • 2 Lenders Bagels @ .75 each
  • 2 Ortega Taco Sauce - used $1/2 store coupon with $1/2 man coupon
  • 4 pepsi throwbacks - Free after .50 tearpad coupons
OOP $2.80

Giant Eagle and Giant Food Trip 2
  • 9 Marcal Paper Towels, 4 Tissue (free just paid tax)
  • 20 Reach Toothbrushes 2 pk @ .99 each(Free after coupon) most are for donations
OOP $3.27

Oven Baked Hamburgers

1 pkg Ground Beef (extra lean if you are working on being healthy ;)
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp garlic powder
3 dashes of liquid smoke
1 - 2 cups water
sliced cheese

Preheat oven 350* Prepare a 2 part broiler pan by putting water, liquid smoke, a few shakes of garlic powder in the bottom pan.
Form patties by mixing ground beef, salt, pepper, and garlic powder; place patties on top of broiler pan. Bake 20 minutes. top with cheese and bake 5 min more.

Tip: If you are going to have leftovers, remove patties early so when reheated they will not be overcooked.

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Menu Plan Monday 2/01/10 – Pantry Challenge Will Go On!

Sorry I missed last weeks menu plan. It seemed like it was just the craziest week - filled with appointments and lots of drama. It would not be my life without lots and lots of drama. I guess it keeps things interesting...

I decided since my freezers and pantry are still pretty full and I have not acomplished my original goals for the Eat From The Pantry Challenge, to go ahead and continue for another month. So, during February, I will continue on and attempt to organize and purge my fridge. We may be moving this summer, so it really needs to be done. My biggest challenge is to stop chasing deals and buying things - even if its cheap, these things take up space.

I hope you enjoy my meal plan and recipes. To find more great recipes and ideas check out Orgjunkie or Blessed With Grace.

(My new favorite pizza dough)

Oven Baked Hamburgers with Spinach Macaroni and Cheese ( omit the cottage cheese)

Meatloaf and Oven Baked Mashed Potatoes - using ground beef, tomato paste, onions, and potatoes

Crock-Pot Meatball Subs - using pre-made frozen meatballs, spaghetti sauce and mozerella cheese

Parmesan Crusted Chicken in a Chive Cream Sauce – using cream cheese mixed with chives, chicken, parmesan cheese

Homeade pizza - So Easy Pizza Dough and Simple and Fresh Pizza sauce


Giant Eagle 1/28 - 1/3 *Deal Alert* Marcal Paper Towels

Marcal Paper Towels, Napkins and Tissues are on sale right now at Giant Eagle.  The paper towels are pretty hard to find, so good luck with seeking those out. I am not sure why, but they spot on the shelf was really tiny and someone beat me to the deal today *sniff sniff*. Let me know if you were able to find them at your store.
Paper Towels 2 pk $2 
~ use $2/1 Marcal Small Steps Paper Towel, any 2-roll+ - 12-13-09 SS (expires 1/31/10)
Final Cost; FREE

Box of Tissue $1
~use $1/1 Marcal Small Steps Single Roll Towel, Bath Tissue, Or Facial Tissue, Any (1) FREE Or Save $1.00 Off Marcal Small Steps Towel, Napkin, Bath Tissue, Or Facial Tissue - 01-03-10 SS - Valid Up To $1.00
~use Marcal Small Steps Single Roll Towel, Bath Tissue, or Facial Tissue FREE OR $1.00 off Marcal Small Steps Towel, Napkin, Bath Tissue, or Facial Tissue - 12-13-09 SS or 1-31-10 SS - valid up to $1.00
Final Cost; FREE

Marcal Toilet Tissue 4pk $2
~$2/1 Marcal Toilet Tissue 1-31-10 SS
Final Cost; FREE

Breakstones Sour Cream $1.25
~use .55/1 printable (no longer available, but was up about a week ago)
~use .55/1 Breakstone's Sour Cream, any 16 oz+ - 01-24-10 SS
~use $1/2 Breakstone's Sour Cream, any 16 oz+ - 01-24-10 SS 
Final Cost; $0.15 - $0.75 each

Giant Food 1/22/10 - Lender's Bagels .75 cents!~

Heads up....

Giant Food has Lender's Bagels on sale 4/$5 of $1.25 each
Print coupons here for $1/2 Lenders Bagels
Final Price; $1.50 for 2 or .75 each!

Lighter Alfredo Sauce with Peas (made with half and half)

Lighter Alfredo Sauce

This is not your low calorie sauce, but it is much better than making it with heavy cream. You could also cut the butter down to two tablespoons to reduce the fat content. We had this last night and it was a huge hit. I have never added cornstarch before to thicken it up. It just never occurred to me to do so until yesterday.

1 box Pasta
1/2 stick butter
1 1/2 cup half and half (reserve 1/4 cup for cornstarch mixture)
1 cup frozen peas, thaw in warm water (optional, can substitute cooked broccoli)
1/8 tsp Nutmeg
Few turns Fresh pepper
1/4 tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Or pinch hot pepper flakes
1 tbsp cornstarch mixed with 1/4 cup half and half
1 - 1 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese

In a medium saucepan melt butter; add 1 cup half and half, pepper,
salt, red pepper flakes, nutmeg. Simmer on med low for a few minutes,
stirring constantly. Mix 1 tbsp cornstarch with 1/4 cup half and half.
Whisk cornstarch/half and half mixture into the pan. Add 1 cup parmesean cheese
and stir until melted. Add peas and more cheese if desired.

Cook pasta in boiling water one minute less than the box says; strain
and add pasta to the Alfredo sauce in the pan. Stir well, cook on low
for 1 minute to heat through and finish cooking.
*Make sure to start your pasta water boiling before you start your sauce, so everything can be ready at the same time.

Giant Food 1/22 -1/28 - Tide, Yoplait, Mueller's Pasta

Mueller's Pasta - All Varieties $1
Mueller's Whole Wheat Pasta Or Pasta Ribbons, Any - 01-03-10 SS $1/2
Final Cost; .50 each

Gatorade - all flavors $1
Gatorade G2, Any - 01-10-10 RP .50/1 or $1/2
Final Cost; Free or .50 each

Natures Pride Bread $2.50
.75/1 printable a while back (not sure if its still there)
Final Cost; $1 each

Nabisco 100 calorie pack $1.99
*Catalina promotion (Thanks jlk77 @ HCW) 
Buy Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs between 1/1 & 1/24

Buy (3) & get 1.00 OYNO
Buy (4) & get 2.00 OYNO
Buy (5) & get 3.00 OYNO

Scenario: Buy 5 @ $1.99 = $9.95 
Get $3 OYNO
Final Cost; $6.95 for 5 or $1.39 each

Tide $5 (50 oz bottle)
Tide Detergent, Any - 01-17-10 PG $1/1
Final Cost; $4

Yoplait Yogurt .50 each
~Yoplait Yogurt Cups, Any Includes Original, Light, Thick & Creamy, OR Whips! OR Any Flavor Yoplait Original OR Light Smoothie - 01-03-10 GM .40/6
~Yoplait Yogurt Cups, Any Includes Original, Light, Thick & Creamy, OR Whips! OR Any Flavor Yoplait Original OR Light Smoothie - 01-03-10 GM - Buy 6 get one free
Final Cost; $2.20 for 6, or .37 each
Or YMMV get 7 for $2.20 using both coupons, or .31 each

Superfresh 1/22 - 1/28 - L'oreal Kids

Not a lot of deals to be had at Superfresh this week, so I will just post the two that I noticed. 

L'Oreal Kids Hair Care 9oz $2
L'Oreal Kids Ice Age Shampoo, any, OR L'Oreal Kids Product, any - 11-01-09 RP .75/1
Final Cost; .50 each

Large Anjou Pears .99lb

Safeway 1/20 - 1/26 Ad Highlights (Randall's, Dominicks)

Here are just a few highlights I noticed from the weekly flier. Coupons are doubled up to .75 at our stores. Check your local store for the coupon policy, since it varies from location.

Thomas Twin Pack English Muffins (Value Pack 24 oz- I think this means its like 2 packages, but I will have to check) $1.99

Buy 3 Save $3 Cereal Sale
Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Quacker Flavored Oatmeal - $1.50 each when you buy 3
~.55/1 cheerios, and cin toast crunch

*Make sure to look for specially marked boxes to qualify for the free movie. Read more on this promotion here

Annie's Macaroni And Cheese .99
~.50/1 Any Annie's Product 
Final Cost; FREE 

Fresh Express Salads (Lettuce Trio, Spinach, or Green and Crisp) .99
Fuji Apples .99 lb
Grape Tomatoes .99 each
Baby Carrots .99
Produce Stand Garlic .99 (chopped and minced jars)

Brawny Paper Towels 8 roll $5.99
~Brawny Paper Towels, Any 3-Roll + Pack (Manufactures Coupon With Dollar General Logo) - 12-06-09 RP $1/1 or .50/1
Final Cost; $4.99 

Sargento Shredded Cheese (In Ad Coupon) $1.49 with $10 purchase
~Sargento Natural Shredded Cheese (5-oz.+) - All You, December 2009 .55/1
~Sargento Natural Shredded Cheese (5-oz.+) - All You, November 2009 .55/1
Final Cost; .39 each

Mission Flour Tortilla Burrito Size 8ct 2.59
~Mission Tortillas, Any - 01-10-10 SS $1/1
Final Cost; $1.59

Safeway Ketchup .99

Softsoap hand soap .88
~Softsoap Brand Liquid Hand Soap, Any 8.5 Oz. - 01-03-10 SS .35/1
Final Cost; .18 each

Artitisan Cake Slices .99 (great if your wanting to treat that sweet tooth without buying a whole cake)

Saturday & Sunday Only

Goldfish .88
~Pepperidge Farm Product, Any $1/1 Home Mailer - contact company 

2 Liter A & W, 7-up, Canada Dry .77

Menu Plan Monday - 1/18 The Challenge Continues

I sure hope this week goes better than last. I went over my budget last week, but I am pretty sure I can make it up this week since the kids will be home until Thursday - their schools are determined to torture me as much as possible. So, since my wonderful boisterous children will be gracing me with their presence, I will more than likely not be shopping until Thursday. This will save me lots of $$$, but will possibly increase my therapy bill. I am looking forward to warmer days this spring, so the kids can run around outside without developing frost bite. I cannot blame them, you would not catch me outside playing in this weather - well maybe if we were at the slopes. It takes all I have to brave the cold to just get into my car. I know, what a weenie. I am a Texan, not a North Easterner. How do people deal? Today we had freezing rain; not sleet, but it was freezing and raining. It was dreadful. Moving on, my menu this week includes many of our favorites. I am looking forward to the Alfredo sauce and the Meatball Stroganoff. Delish! I will try to get several of the recipes and photo's posted throughout the week. Check out more menu plans and recipes at Orgjunkie's Meal Plan Monday Post.

  • Monday - Simple Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes and green beans 
  • Tuesday - Grilled Chicken Strips and Lighter Fetuchini Alfredo  
  • Wednesday - No Fuss Shepard's Pie  
  • Thursday - Leftovers  
  • Friday - Black Beans and Spanish Rice
  • Saturday ~ Easy Meatball Stroganoff, mashed potatoes and green beans  
  • Sunday ~ Pasta Bolognese with Tuscan bread

Free Movie Ticket WYB General Mills Cereal

Check out this post at Mrs Moneysaver and Grocery Girls on how you can register here for a free movie ticket when you purchase two boxes of specially marked General Mills cereal.  They also have links for coupons posted to make the deal even sweeter.

Eat From The Pantry Challenge Week 2 ~ Went a little overboard this week

The one thing this challenge is really making me aware of is how much money I am actually spending. Since I am keeping tabs on every penny, I am blown away by the amount I am spending. I know your thinking geez thats not much, but I guess in my mind I am thinking "this was free, this was cheap" etc, but it really all adds up. So far it looks like I have spent about $26 this week. I did manage to pick up a good amount of meat, which I have already prepared and frozen - 2 meatballs, 3 meat mix, chicken sandwiches, 2 chicken strips, and stir-fry. So I guess that is pretty good considering how many meals I can get out of it. I told myself I was not supposed to be buying more meat during the challenge, but I felt compelled to go ahead and get it while it was at such a low price. I really think I am obsessed with grocery shopping.

Looks like we will be eating a lot of yogurt for the next two weeks. :) Not sure why, but it always seems like when we have lots of excess of something, no one wants to eat it, but when we only have like 1 box, its gone really quickly. Why is that? Luckily the kids seem to really like the Chobani Yogurt, as do I. It is not too sweet and has a little tang to it.

Commisary Trip
4 Yo Plus Yogurt - From Commissary, FAC
2 Starkist Tuna Pkt - FAC
4 Marcal Tissue - FAC
1 pkg ground turkey - .87 after $1/1 coupon
Lipton Cup of soup Cream of Chicken - used .40 blinkie
Giant and Bloom Trip
26 Chobani Yogurt - From Giant and Bloom, FAC (Free After Coupon)
Gatorade * 4 (2 not shown) .50 each - cant believe I "paid" for
Superfresh Trip
2 pkg split chicken breasts - deboned and saved the bones for stock.
1 6.5 lb pkg ground beef
Syrup - 1.49
Eggs - Free, Coupon printed at Giant Food
America's Choice Half and Half - .99 each
America's Choice Sour Cream - .99
Turkey Hill Pint * 2 - .50 each after $1/2 home mailer
Polaner Suger Free Jam *2 - .50 each
Krusteaz Pancake mix *4 - FREE after .50 coupon
America's Choice Ice Cream Bars *2 - .99 each

Safeway 1/13 - Cheap DiGiorno Pizza this week (Dominicks, Randalls)

If you were lucky enough to get the $1.50/1 coupon from the 12/13 Smart Source, head over to Safeway, Randalls, Dominicks to pick up cheap Digiorno Pizza. Its only $2.49 after the $1.50 off coupon.

Commissary (Jan 2010) - FREE YoPlus Yogurt & Marcal Tissue

Print out YoPlus coupons here, here and here to get free yogurt at the commissary right now. I believe the sale is through the end of the month.
~YoPlus or YoPlus Light Yogurt 4-pack - 01-03-10 GM $1/1

You can also find the Marcal Tissues for .99, so free after coupon
~Marcal Small Steps Single Roll Towel, Bath Tissue, or Facial Tissue FREE OR $1.00 off Marcal Small Steps Towel, Napkin, Bath Tissue, or Facial Tissue - 01-03-10 SS1 - valid up to $1.00
~Marcal Small Steps Single Roll Towel, Bath Tissue, or Facial Tissue FREE OR $1.00 off Marcal Small Steps Towel, Napkin, Bath Tissue, or Facial Tissue - 12-13-09 SS - valid up to $1.00

Kraft Cheese - As LOW as .17 each @ Harris Teeter 1/13 - 1/19

Thanks to Mrs Moneysaver for the tip on Kraft Cheese at Harris Teeter. Check out the rest of the ad matchups here

Kraft Cheese on sale $1.67
Get a $5 coupon for your next order when you buy 5

~$1/2 coupon from 1/3 SS insert

Final Price; .17 each when you buy 5

For problems with your coupon printing at the store, call 1-888-8coupon.

Giant Food 1/15 - 1/21 Free Yogurt and Gatorade

Chobani Greek Yogurt $1
~Chobani Yogurt, any size - 12-13-09 SS $1/1
Final Cost; FREE

Gatorade $1
~Buy anyone 1 size/variety of G2 Gatorade - 01-03-10 RP .50/1 or $1/2
Final Cost; FREE or .50 each

Superfresh 1/15 - 1/21 - Ad Highlights with Coupon Matchups

Split Chicken Breast .87lb

73% Lean Ground Beef $1.39lb

Pepsi .99 each
Or .69 each with $50 additional purchase
.49 each with $75 additional purchase

America's Choice Sour Cream .99

AC Half and Half .99

Turkey Hill Pints .99
~$1/2 pints from the Turkey Hill Calender Home Mailer
Final Cost; .50 each

Krusteaz Pancake Mix .99
~Krusteaz Pancake Mix, Any - 12-06-09 SS $.50/1
~Krusteaz Pancake Mix, Any - 12-06-09 SS $1/2
Final Cost; FREE or .50 each

Polaner Sugar Free Preserves $1.50
Polaner Sugar Free or Polaner All Fruit, any jar - All You, February 2010 $1/1
Polaner Sugar Free or Polaner All Fruit, any jar. - 01-10-10 SS $1/1
Final Cost; $.50

Welch's Sqeeze Grape Jelly $1.50
~Welch's Jam, Jelly, or Spread (32 oz, 22 oz, 18.8 oz, any flavor) - 01-03-10 SS .55/1
~ Welch's Jam, Jelly, or Spread (32 oz, 22 oz, 18.8 oz, any flavor) - 01-03-10 SS $1/2
~Welch's Jam, Jelly, or Spread (32 oz, 22 oz, 18.8 oz, any flavor) - 01-03-10 SS .75/1
Final Cost Varies; FREE - $1 each

Dawn Direct Foam Dish Soap $2
~Dawn Direct Foam Pump, Any - P&G home made simple $1.50/1
Final Cost; .50

Free Body Scrub @ Victoria Secret

Get a FREE full size Secret Garden body scrub with any in store purchase at Victoria Secret using this coupon. 

Thanks, Mommy Snacks!

Menu Plan Monday 1/11 - 1/17

It has been a busy week already and I am behind on my menu planning. The Eat From the Pantry Challenge has had me at home more, so luckily I have had more time to organize my house. I am getting there slowly but surely. To see more menu plans or recipes head over to

Monday ~ Tomato Basil Pasta and Pesto Pasta
Making two types of pasta with Frozen pasta sauce, and frozen pesto sauce.

Tuesday ~ Tuna Casserole & Rolls
Using mini penne pasta and tuna from the pantry

Wednesday ~ Jack Daniels Chicken Sandwich & Oven Fries
Using frozen/marinated chicken, bacon, hamburger buns, pineapple (for the sauce)

Thursday ~ Venison Tenderloin Steaks, Scalloped Potatoes and frozen veggies

Friday ~ Black Beans and Spanish Rice (make double batch)
Using pre frozen black beans, rice, chicken broth and leftover sofrito (tomato, onion, garlic and bell pepper pureed)

Saturday ~ Pizza time!

Sunday ~ Ground Beef Taco's and leftover spanish rice
Using ground beef and leftover tortilla's

Pantry Challenge Update $10 Budget Goof

My wonderful husband got a wild hair this morning and wanted to make yeast rolls - he has been on this bread making kick lately which is cool with me. But, he needed more flour, so he decided to go to the store. I tried to get him not to do it, because I had already met my budget of $10 for the week, but he really needed it, so I caved. I know, $10 sounds so crazy and I sound even more crazy for trying to obsessively meet my goal. Oh well...maybe I can count this towards next week?

Edit: I goofed on my limit. I was so sure it was $10, but it is $20. I am going to go ahead and keep the $10 budget. I am sure I will go over, but the goal is to stay low. Wish me luck.

Commisary Trip

Marcal Tissue .99 - used $1/1 Marcal (1/3 Smartsource insert) - FREE
Yo Plus .99 - used $1/1 Yo Plus - FREE
Nutmeg $1.50
Broth .59 each - used $1/2 - .09 each
No Yolk Noodles $1.29 - used $.75/1 -  .54 each
Flour - $1.50

OOP - $4.86

Total for the week - over budget - $14.46

Free Sample of Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets

Sign up here to get a free sample of Purex 3 in 1 sheets.

Thanks, Mrs Moneysaver!

Enchilda Casser-ole! (My Version) and Freezing Herbs Tips

I love this recipe. The original recipe is listed on Taste of Home, but I have modified it mostly because I hate following directions and also because I did not have sour cream. It is very adaptable to ingredients you have on hand. So far I have tried it with sour cream andwithout, using gluten free tortillas and also corn tortillas - basically my goal is to try to use the ingredients we have on hand to eliminate the need to spend more money on additional ingredients. The reason its such a favorite now is how easy it is to put the dish together; instead of having to roll up each tortilla, its just a matter of layering. Oh and the best is amazingly good.

1 pkg ground beef (about 1 lb)
1 large onion, chopped
1 jar salsa
1 Can Black beans, rinsed and drained (or 2 cups of precooked, frozen beans)
1/2 packet taco seasoning
Sprinkle of garlic seasoning
10-12 corn tortilla's (small)
1 jar enchilada sauce, or premade red chili sauce (made with red chili's, garlic, onions)
1 16 oz pkg mexican blend cheese
1/4 cup of fresh cilantro (or 1 frozen cilantro cube*)

Preheat oven 400*. Prepare 9 * 13 casserole dish by spraying bottom with cooking spray.

Brown ground beef; drain. Add onion and cook until opaque. Add salsa, cilantro, taco seasonings, garlic seasoning, black beans and half of the enchilada sauce. Cook a few minutes. Place one layer of tortillas on the bottom of casserolle dish. Top layer with 1/3 of meat mixture. Sprinkle with a hand full of cheese. Add another layer of tortillas, meat mixture, and cheese and repeat - last layer should be tortillas. Pour remaining enchilada sauce on the tortillas and spread to cover the top of the tortillas. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Cover with foil; bake for 20 minutes. Remove foil and cook 10 more minutes.


*To freeze cilantro:
Finely chop fresh cilantro. Place into mini muffin tins or ice cube trays. Fill each cup with water. Place in freezer. Once frozen, pop cubes out and place into a freezer bag. Throw these into soups, casseroles, taco meat, etc.

It is wonderful to have on hand and saves a ton of money because you are not throwing away leftover cilantro. You can also do this with other herbs - basil, oregano, thyme, etc

You can also freeze chives. Chop the chives and place into snack bags, label and freeze.

This recipe is linked to Tasty Tuesdays hosted on Blessed With Grace. Check out her post to see more fabulous recipes.

Glade Candle Freebie @ Giant Eagle

Check out this post to read how you can pick up free Glade candles at Giant Eagle.

Thanks, Saving in Akron!

Taco Bell Free Fresco Taco Coupon

Print out a coupon for a free Fresco Taco from Taco Bell here. You should be able to print two coupons from each computer. There is a limited number of coupons, so print yours quickly.

Menu Plan 1/4 -1/10

Eat From The Pantry Challenge 
(Menu Plan Week 1)

So far things are going rather well with the Eat from the Pantry Challenge. I have managed to spend less than $7 on this weeks grocery trips. Check out my glamorous photo below. :) I have been trying to create and update my google docs here, so there will be a working inventory of my pantry, ideas on what to make with the items, and an itemized grocery budget. 

My menu plan is a little late this time, but better late than never, right? Head over to Orgjunkie to see more menu plans and recipes. 

Mexicali Cantina Coupon ~ Frederick, Maryland

Print out this coupon to receive 20% off @ Mexicali Cantina in Frederick, Maryland. This place is really good. I am pretty picky when it comes to mexican food and this place ROCKS!

FREE Lip Gloss @ Victoria Secret until January 20th, 2010!

*Print out this coupon for a free lip gloss with any purchase at a Victoria Secret store.

Thanks, $30 Weekly Challenge

Tip: If you do not want to print out the entire page just select the barcode at the bottom, select FILE, Print, Click on Print Selection and then only the bar code will print.

Quick N Easy Cornbread

This is the recipe I always use when I want to make the perfect cornbread to serve with Chili. It is originally from the "Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book". I love the BHG cookbook - it has been my favorite cookbook for years. This is the cookbook that taught me how to cook - or got me headed in the right direction, so if you do not own it, I highly recommend getting it. Do you have a favorite cookbook that you always refer to?

Dry Ingredients:
  • 1 Cup Flour
  • 3/4 Cup Cornmeal
  • 2-3 Tbsp sugar
  • 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 3/4 tsp salt
Wet ingredients:
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup cooking oil (or butter)

  1. Preheat oven to 400*. Rub iron skillet with bacon grease or butter. Place in oven for 5 minutes to warm (optional).
  2. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. In a smaller bowl mix eggs, milk and oil. Pour liquid into the dry mixture and stir just until the batter is mixed. Do not over stir. 
  3. Pour mixture into cast iron skillet. Cook 15 - 20 minutes or until golden brown and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. 

Check out Tempt My Tummy Tuesdays @ Blessed With Grace for more great recipes and tips.