40 Day Fast, confessions of a Facebook junkie

My wonderful Church is encouraging us to participate in a 40 day fast of some sort. Weither it is from food, or television, sports, or anything that takes our time and focus away  from God. God tells us, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21). I have to be honest, is my treasure really in Jesus, or does it lie with worldy desires, ambitions, accumulations of things, status, acceptance...I know I believe in Jesus Christ with all of my mind, my soul and my spirit, but I keep finding myself busy with other unimportant tasks: the laundry, shopping, facebooking, watching television, and just all around busyness. Satan wants us to stay busy, so we dont focus on our relationship with God. He doesnt care if we are actively serving God, as long as our relationship with God suffers. When we do not spend time in God's word and in prayer, we loose the intimacy of our relationship with God. It is not he who gets further away, it is us - we are the ones who keep walking away from God. The Lord speaks to us through his word and through prayer. He renews our spirits and gives us a purpose to keep moving forward.

So, for this 40 day fast I have decided to give up my obsession with Facebook. I am also limiting my television each night and we have started family Bible study in the evening. I can NOT say that my treasure is in my children, IF I do not step up and make my children a priority. If what I beleive in Christ is authentic, they need to know him and love him - we need to be pouring God's word into them and spending time with them. This has always been a difficult thing for me. I show my love for my children by cooking for them, cleaning and taking care of them. I am not a touchy feely person - although I am extremely emotional. But, God doesnt make mistakes. He put these children, with their personalitys in my life to help me to grow and learn. I will no longer make television a priortiy over my children. When I am old and grey, i will not care if I missed "Grey's Anatomy," or "House," or any other prime time show for that matter. What will matter is my children and their relationship with God and with myself and their father. These are the relationships that matter; not "I Carly", "SpongeBob" or any other Disney show. God is radically changing me and my family. I pray he will give me the strength to continue, the desire to always persue him, the wisdom to know how to deal with situations, and the Grace to do it all well.