Spiralized Cucumber Watermelon Spring Summer Salad BellaGreen Copycat

Fell in love with this place in north Houston called BellaGreen! I fell in love with this salad and had to recreate it! It’s now my favorite salad! If only someone would open one near me in south Houston! It’s a little prep but there are some shortcuts and you can prep extra to enjoy several salads! 

On a large plate or bowl: 

3 parts Spring mix

1 part Romaine mix (can just use spring mix)

Red onion sliced thin 

Watermelon cubed (or buy it pre cut)

Goat cheese or feta - used approx 1 tbsp

1 cucumber peeled & spiraled thin save the leftovers for other salads. Used about 1/3 cucumber

Salt & fresh pepper top of salad 

1 -2 tbsp Candied pecan pieces or almonds or walnuts (sugar or maple syrup heated on the stove with nuts. Allow to cool. Store in container.) or just use regular. 

A few cherry tomatoes sliced in half 

For the dressing:

1/4 cup fresh oj from orange 

1 small lime or half Lemon squeezed

1 tbsp honey/agave/or maple syrup 

1/8 tsp Salt 

1/4 tsp coarse ground Pepper

1/4 tsp Garlic powder

1/4c olive oil 

1/2 cup Prosecco vinegar or champagne vinegar 

Place all ingredients into a small jar and shake to combine. Use 2 tbsp per salad. Dressing will separate which is kindof a pain 😆 Store in the fridge. It seems to last a week or two. 

Optional a few fresh basil leaves and parsley leaves snipped with kitchen shears! 

This is a lot of prep but you can prep extra and eat for a few days! It’s one of my all time favorites!! 

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