Project You ~ The Best Investment You Can Make is YOU!


It’s time to make yourself a priority and get results!  


In PROJECT YOU - I will help you create a customized wellness plan that works on your own time, help you implement that plan, help you create healthy routines and get RESULTS with a “messy action” approach.  

You will get results, have fun, FEEL stronger, fitter, leaner and in CONTROL within your first 30 days!  

I’ve got your back. It’s time to feel ALIVE again!


You are tired, your nutrition is all over the place, you desperately want to make changes and you "kinda sorta" know how, but making it happen is just NOT happening.  It's okay. I can help.  

I am a Coach today because this total lifestyle solution saved my life 10+ years ago.  I was lost, overweight, so overwhelmed with all the choices and fad diets out there and didn’t know what to do.  

Project You is your KEY to getting sustainable results within your busy life.  Even if you’ve tried everything before. This is so different.  

I know if I can do this, you can too.  

Are you her?  


I love working with busy women who are ready to make themselves a priority again. I will be your Guide, your Mentor, your larger than life Empowerment Coach and I will believe in you every step of the way as I help you create a very doable and manageable plan for your Health and Fitness results FROM HOME.  


Project You, my quarterly Virtual Wellness Club, will help you make time for yourself each day for you, your fitness, your nutrition and your results. If you’re ready to finally put yourself first, my Project You Fit Club and Mentorships will help you get there! 

 Yes! This sounds like me!

This is PERFECT for you if...

  • You don’t mind working out, but it has to be FUN!  

  • You know you need to workout more consistently, but you just aren't getting it done

  • You know what to with nutrition and don't mind eating healthier - but again, it's just not happening

  • You'd love to get up earlier to have a more productive day including a workout!

  • You'd LOVE to feel so good in your clothes again! 

  • You'd LOVE to have more energy! 

  • You feel yourself sliding into negative habits more often than you'd like to admit.

  • You’d love to finally commit to something you can finish and not feel so ALONE all the time.  

In PROJECT YOU, you will get:

  • Meal Planning and Prep training before you begin and throughout the group (micro prepping and buffet style prepping will make this so much easier for you!)

  • Weekly Meal Plans to use as guides

  • Blank and Printable Meal Planners

  • At least 2 New Recipes to try weekly

  • Nutrition Trackers on a private app

  • Nightly Nutritional Accountability in our private group

  • A "messy imperfect action" approach - just do YOUR best and we will support you every step of the way!

If you’re just not sure where to start, you know we've got you! We’ll talk about your personal preferences and goals and figure out the best fit for you!


From my clients! 

It’s so much fun to watch my busy clients go from stressed and out of control to calm, in control, confident and happy again. If they can, you can!  
Check out these results from a few of my successful clients!  

Fill out the application below and I will be in touch! Or you can find me on instagram at JenniferCWood or on Facebook here. 

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