Testimonials & Successful Weight Loss Stories

Testimonials and Weight Loss Transformations

  • "I love that Jennifer finally talked me back in to Shakeology! Her programs really work. Every time. This last round for me, I was 161 lbs and a size 34 waist (jeans.) I could NOT shed the baby weight after baby 3. It had been over a YEAR. One month of Shakeology and light, daily exercise and I’m now 149 lbs and a size 28 jeans. I still have a ways to go but thanks to Jennifer Wood and Shakeology I now see the light at the end of the tunnel! I can’t thank her enough" - Kiley T; Savannah, GA

  • "I want to thank you for all your help. You have truly been a blessing and an inspiration to me in this short time. This 10 day challenge has changed my life and shown me that change is possible." - Nicole; Chicago, IL

  • "... I have to give a big shout to Jennifer!  It has been just about 3 months that I started her program and have lost 26 lbs. Seeing her on social media and her passion to help people gives me all the motivation I need. I commend her on her hard work and THANK YOU FOR HELPING US LOOK AMAZING! " - Sandy P; Houston, TX
  • "...happy to say after two weeks I have lost 6 Ibs. and a few inches here and there. The best part is my blood sugar numbers are down. I have a long way to go and I am praising God for helping me stay on this healthy eating and exercise program" - Becky; Houston, TX
  • "I found the first challenge to be amazing! I absolutely loved all the support and people that i met. It had definitely helped me get on track to eating healthy and obtaining my goals" - Elizabeth; Colorado Springs, CO
  • "It is fun...people don't understand that they can make an AMAZING transformation. They just needed the right tools. That is what your support groups provide" - Cathleen;  Deer Park, TX 
  • "These support groups have been such a big help! Nothing else I have done has helped me as much. I've struggled with my weight all my life and have tried a lot of things to no avail. In 5 months time I've lost 17lbs and 22 & 1/2 inches! This year not only do I not have to worry about my jeans not fitting, but I'm buying a smaller size and that's such a good feeling! Anybody can do these support groups. I promise you, you won't be sorry that you joined up!" - Micheline; Houston, TX
  • "Thanks Jen...You have helped me stay motivated and on track!" - Laura; Holmdel, New Jersey
  • "Having Jennifer as a coach has been so beneficial! I knew I needed accountability in order to reach my health goals but I didn’t want to add another meeting or commitment to my busy schedule. So the format Jennifer uses has been perfect for me. I know that no matter how I’m doing Jennifer will be there to give me words of encouragement. I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time but having Jennifer as my coach has proven to be that extra help I needed to not only make positive health changes but also stick to them. Amber F.;  Savannah, Georgia
  • "I've been on this journey for quite some time, but I allowed some bad habits to seep back into my daily life. This group and Jennifer's encouragement gave me the accountability I needed. I was slipping, but Jennifer never gave up on me and now I am back on track." - Lost 7.6 lbs in 10 days!
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  • "When I signed up as a Beachbody coach, I did it strictly for the discount.... I started seeing results and extended family members began having amazing health experiences, I excitedly shared the news with Jennifer. She encouraged me to become an active coach and reach out to help more people.  I was nervous about it, but she was so reassuring and supportive.  She sent me all the information I needed, answered every question I asked (there were lots), explained the income potential... provided resources, links, training webinars, team calls, book suggestions and so much more.  Because of her leadership I am forming my own team of coaches and helping more and more clients every month.  She is an amazing leader who cares so much about the success of each of her team members.  I am blessed to be learning under her guidance and have big plans for my future as a coach!" - Dafne W., Texas

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