Print the picture out and bring it to your nearest Victoria Secret tomorrow, June 1st to receive a free pair of underwear if you are one of the first 100 customers to bring in the coupon at that store.

Chicken Nacho's Supreme

Since the hubby is gone to Japan for a month, I am a little lazy in the kitchen and we did nacho's last night. Not just any Nacho's, but Chicken Nacho's Supreme :)I think we ate a few of the food groups :)

Chicken Nacho's Supreme Recipe

Easy Dinner Tip:

I place my chicken breasts in individual zipbags with the Honey Teriyaki Chicken Marinade and froze them when I purchased them. I seperate them into serving sizes, so I can pull out what I need and cook as desired.


4 Chicken Tenderloins, or 2 Chicken Breasts marinated and sprinkled with Adobo seasoning or seasoned salt
Can refried beans
Sour Cream
Tomato, chopped
Guacamole (optional)
Mexican Cheese Blend


Grill chicken on an indoor grill pan or outside grill until done. Chop into bite size pieces or smaller.

Place Chips on Plate
Using a spoon, smear beans onto chips one at a time *yes this is the fun part*
Sprinkle a handfull of cheese onto the chips
Microwave about 1 minute or until cheese melts
Smear Sour Cream on the cheese
Sprinkle with tomatoes and grilled chicken
Place a dollop of guacamole on the side.

The Verdict...
This was a hit with the kids and with me. Easy, Fast and tasty!

One Day Left for TGI Friday's $5 Promo

Heads up...the TGI Friday's $5 sandwiches and salads ends tomorrow, Sunday, May 31. I know I am sad too. I have thoroughly enjoyed eating the Jack Daniels Chicken Sandwich several times this month (I know shame on me). I might have to go to chicken sandwich rehab to get over the withdrawal symptoms come Monday morning. So, for those of you who are going to get in one more trip to Fridays here are the items on the $5 menu. Remember they are all full size portions.

The new full portion sandwiches and salads include:

* BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad: crispy Romaine and iceberg lettuce tossed in ranch dressing with diced tomato and cucumbers, corn, black beans, shredded cheddar cheese, jicama and diced chicken breast, topped off with Jack™ Championship BBQ sauce and Cajun onion straws.
* Santa Fe Chopped Salad: Salad greens with tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, corn, black beans and tortilla strips tossed in a Chipotle Ranch dressing, topped with diced chicken, black olives, avocado, cheese and more tortilla strips.
* Shanghai Salad: crispy chopped Romaine lettuce with red peppers, celery, green onions, cilantro and peanuts tossed together in a zesty Asian Ginger dressing, then topped with crispy noodles and pork Pot Stickers.
* Mediterranean Salad with Chicken: chopped Romaine lettuce, green and red peppers, red onions tossed in house dressing, topped with sliced grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, pepperoncinis and finished with Feta cheese.
* Strawberry Fields Salad: mixed greens, Parmesan cheese, and glazed pecans tossed in Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing topped with fresh balsamic marinated strawberries and shaved Parmesan cheese.
* Meatball Sandwich: a fresh Ciabatta roll stuffed with four large meatballs, zesty marinara and topped with mixed cheese.
* Thai Chicken Wrap: grilled chicken, shredded lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, peanuts, and cilantro with pickled carrots and onions topped with honey lime dressing and peanut sauce.
* BBQ Chicken Wrap: BBQ Grilled chicken, Cajun onion straws, lettuce, tomato, pickles.. Ranch dressing and Jack Daniel's® mayo, served with a side of BBQ sauce.
* Jack Daniel's® Chicken Sandwich: Grilled chicken basted in Jack Daniel's® glaze and topped with bacon, mixed cheese, frizzled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and Jack Daniel's® mayonnaise on a bun.

FREE Sonic Float June 3rd

Sonic is giving away Free Floats on Wednesday,June 3rd from 8pm to close (usually midnight)
Check here to see if your location is participation.

Get more info here. Thanks to for the info!

Make Overseas Calls for FREE

Check out this application for your iphone which allows you to make free calls using WIFI connection. My husband just left to go to Japan for a month and discovered it so he can call me. He has an iphone, but I have a blackberry, so it is not free for him to call me on my phone, but it was free for him to call me on my computer via skype. They also give you $50 free credit when signing up (I am almost positive thats what my hubby said).

I will have to learn more about how this works, or if anyone has tips I would love to hear them via the comments section.

To download this app go to TruePhone

You can also get a free phone number for voicemail and faxes here. This is great for leaving your phone number in those pesky online forms, or at the multitude of stores that ask for a phone number. This way you do not have to tell them you would rather not give your phone number and just direct them to your online voice mail. And the more junk calls on your home or cell phone.

Chili's $5 off Coupon & 10 Meals for under $7

I just came accross this website and thought this was good eatn' on the cheap!

Print this coupon to get $5 off any 2 entrees at Chili's and the best part is you can use the coupon on any of the 10 meals under $7. Coupon is good until June 30th, 2009.

Best case scenario buy two $7 dollar meals and drink water minus the $5 coupon for a grand total before tip of....drumroll please...$9 for two meals! You cannot beat that for dining out!

Coupons, Get Your Coupons & Samples too!

$2 off 1 Hawaiian Tropic Product

Children's Place: 20% off coupon

Kraft $1 off Cheese Coupon

Free Hawaiian Tropic Sample

Playtex Tampon Sample

Free Trial Issue of All You (if your not happy you can send the invoice back with nothing due)

Sample of Crest White Strips

Sample of Prilosec Heartburn medicine

Who Needs McDonalds? How to Make an Iced Coffee

My Hubby and I went to Mc D's the other day for their new Iced Coffee and WOW are they expensive. Around $3 too expensive. I think not! My hubby decided to be experimental and we discovered how easy they are to make. Here is a simple recipe to enjoy your favorite coffee beverage on the cheap.

Measurements are approximate, just eye ball it

Iced Mocha Coffee
1/2 cup strong coffee mixed with sugar.
1 Cup Milk
Chocolate Syrup
Sugar to taste (1 - 2 tsp)
Whipped Cream or Cool whip

Fill glass with ice. Add coffee and sugar mixture. Add milk. Drizzle with Chocolate Syrup. Top with whipped cream or cool whip and serve with a straw.

Add the same ingredients as above, and mix in a blender until smooth and creamy. Top with whipped cream.


Arby's Free Food Wednesday Schedule

Every Wednesday through the summer, Arby's is giving away FREE items when you buy other items. Check out the list of Freebies below.

3 - Free Iced FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
10 - Free Roast Chicken Club with any soft drink purchase
17 - Free Regular Sidekickers® with any sandwich purchase
24 - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase

1 - Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase
8 - Free Orange Cream Swirl Shake with any sandwich purchase
15 - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
22 - Free Roastburger with any soft drink purchase
29 - Free Iced FruiTea with any sandwich purchase

5 - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
12 - Free Roast Chicken Club with any soft drink purchase
19 - Free Iced FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
26 - Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase

Activia Challenge - Get up to $12 back

Sign up here for the Activia 2 week challenge. Get a $1 coupon and find out how to get reimbursed for up to $12 when you buy Activia Yogurt!

Read all the details and print out your mail in rebatehere.

Baskin-Robbins FREE Soft Serve Cone

B & R is offering a FREE Soft Serve Ice Cream cone on July 13th. This coupon will be emailed out when yousign up here. The coupon may be used from July 13th through July 17th.

You can also get a FREE scoop of ice-cream for your birthday by signing up for the birthday club here. You can sign up your whole family!

Baskin-Robbins is also going to give away random gifts to Do Something members all Summer long, so make sure to sign up for this great offer!

80% off Gift Certificates

Get 80% off @ until May 30th when you enter the promo code SPECIAL during checkout.

Get a $25 gift card for only $2!

Make sure to read the dining requirements for each certificate before buying. Most of them have a minimum purchase requirement, such as $20 minimum purchase in order to use a $10 Gift Certificate, so basically you are getting half off.

BOGO Coupon @ Baskin & Robbins

Print your very own Buy One Get One FREE coupon here to use at B & R!

Free Dog Food

Sign up here for a free sample of Life's Abundance Dog Food, Cat Food or a combo.

Thanks to for the great sample information!

Chocolate Kisses Cake - A BIG HIT!

I made this Chocolate Kiss Cake for my daughters birthday this past weekend and it was a huge hit. The best part is it's very easy to make. It was a box cake mix and 3 different kinds of Frosting (from the can of coarse). And the most important ingredient...a lot of love.

1 Devil's Food Cake Mix (add and mix according to the box)
1 tsp coconut extract (no one will even know its there, but they will wonder what it is)
1 bag Hershey Kisses

Grease 2 9 inch Round Cake Pans. Line pans with parchment paper. Spray inside of pans with baking spray. Bake according to the box instructions or until a knife inserted into the middle comes out clean. I try to check my cakes 5 minutes before it is supposed to be done just in case.

1/2 can Fudge Chocolate Chip Frosting

1 Can Chocolate Fudge Frosting, 1 Can buttercream frosting, 1 can whipped buttercream frosting (I did this because the original picture had white frosting, but I do not like the whipped frosting by itself)
Add a little powdered sugar with a mixer to stiffen the frosting a bit (about 1 Cup)
1 tsp almond extract.

Mix everything together until thick and creamy.

To Frost the cake:

Allow both layers to cool completely. Level out the cakes. Place one layer onto the serving platter and place parchment pieces under the bottom to make clean up a cinch (do not just put one whole piece under the entire bottom, or it will be very difficult to remove the paper). Dump half the chocolate chip frosting onto the middle of the 1st layer and carefully spread outwards until the entire layer is covered and level. Place second layer on top. Dump a large amount of the chocolate buttercream frosting onto the top of the cake and work the frosting to the edges and then allow it to fall over the sides, so you can then work the frosting down the sides. When done frosting, peel Hershey Kisses and push them into the side of the cake and place kisses on the top of the cake. Serve and watch it disappear!

The best part of making the daughters smiling face!

Blog Under Construction

Please forgive the interuptions while my blog is under construction. The codes on my page are very finicky and I somehow deleted the wrong thing. I am hoping to have my comments working soon, but please bare with me while I try to fix it.


B1G1 FREE Frosy @ Wendy's

Print out coupons for a FREE Frosty at Wendy's with the purchase of another Frosty. You can print 2 coupons (just hit the back button to print again). Hurry they won't last long!

Sweet and Spicy Honey Mustard

Sweet and Spicy Honey Mustard


2 Tbsp Honey
1 Tbsp Yellow Mustard
1 Tbsp Spicy Brown Mustard
2 - 3 Tbsp of Mayo


Mix well and spread onto bun.

Honey Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Breasts

Honey Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Breasts or Chicken Sandwich

Ingredients for Marinade:

3 - 4 Chicken Breasts bone in or boneless (whatever you can get cheaper, I de-bone the chicken breasts when I can find a good deal on them)
1 Tbsp minced dried onions
1 pinch cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes
1/2 - 2/3 cup Ken's Honey Teriyaki Marinade
1 tsp dried minced garlic or garlic powder
Approximately 1 oz of Whiskey or Bourbon
2 tsp McCormick Garlic And Herb Seasoning

Directions: Place all ingredients in a ziploc bag and mix well. Make sure the breasts are coated. I sprinkled the seasonings on the chicken right in the bag.
After marinating for overnight or for 12 hours, grill for about 30 minutes.

Ingredients for Chicken Sandwich:

4 slices of Bacon, broken in half
1 Tomato
Honey Mustard
Hamburger Buns or Chiabatta Bread


To make a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, just cut chicken into smaller portions before grilling and place cheese on top while warm. Place on bun and serve with honey mustard, bacon, tomato and lettuce (its also good with just the chicken and the bun). It tasted very similar to Chili's Grilled Chicken Sandwich. YUMMY!

Free Brie Cheese After Mail In Rebate

FREE Alouette® Baby Brie Wedge with the Mail In Rebate form here. Up to $6.49 of pure free! I love free stuff!

Here is that pesky fine print from the rebate form.

1) PURCHASE ANY ONE (1) OF THE FOLLOWING ALOUETTE® PRODUCTS: Alouette® Baby Brie Wedge 7oz, Alouette® Smoked Baby Brie Wedge 7oz. Click here for full list of participating products
2) COLLECT the original itemized store-identified cash register receipt(s) dated between 04/01/2009 and 12/31/2009 on which you have circled the item description and the purchase price, and the proof-of-purchase symbol (UPC Symbol). The UPC should be carefully removed from each product, once the product package is empty.
3) PRINT AND COMPLETE this mail-in form, including your name and complete mailing address (city, state, zip code), daytime phone number and email address (if you have one).
4) MAIL ALL OF THE ABOVE postmarked by 01/15/2010 to: Alouette Baby Brie Wedge Rebate Offer, PO Box 23320, Rochester, NY 14692-3320.

Mango Salsa

I love Mango Salsa. There is something about the sweetness and spiceyness that just makes my taste buds happy.

Here is a simple recipe for Mango Salsa.

1 Ripe Mango, chopped
1 jalapeno, seeded and chopped very fine (leave the seeds if you want it really spicy)
2 Roma Tomatoes, chopped
1/2 small onion, chopped very finely
1 small clove garlic, chopped finely
Squirt of lime juice
Handfull of cilantro, chopped finely
about a 1/2 tsp salt or to taste
a few twists of fresh pepper

Serve with Tortilla Chips or on Grilled Chicken

Safeway paid me .60 for 20 Kraft Dressing & More

Check out the goodies I got today at Safeway. I was so excited when the lady said,
"Oh, I owe you .60 cents". What?

I purchased 20 Kraft Salad Dressings Sale Price $1.25 each
Used 20 - $1.50 Kraft Dressing Coupons and they gave me overage

Used 7 - $1 off produce when you buy 2 kraft dressings (from a tearpad on a kraft display)

Bought a watermelon, 2 lemons, 2 bags of Salad on sale BOGO, and 6 ears of corn on sale 12 for $2

2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs .98 for 2
Used in store coupon made them 1.98 for 2
& Used man coupon $1/2

Crock-Pot (Slow Cooker) Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls with Tomatoes
This is so easy and it would be great for having guests over. It looks like you spent all day in the kitchen, but it really goes fast once you get it down.


1 Large Head of Green Cabbage
Meat/Rice Mixture:

*½ lb pork and ½ lb ground lean ground beef ( OR...1 lb turkey)
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1/2 medium onion, chopped
**1 Cup Rice, cooked
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp dried thyme
10 twists fresh pepper or 1/8 tsp ground black pepper

Ingredients for topping:
1 - 28 oz Large Can Diced Tomatoes or 2 small cans
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1 bay leaf
1 tsp salt

In a large bowl mix together uncooked pork, ground beef or turkey, rice, salt, pepper, onion and garlic. Use hands to really mix well.

 Bring a large pot of water and 1 Tbsp salt to a boil. Rinse cabbage and carefully peel leaves and set aside.  Drop in a few cabbage leaves at a time into boiling water - allow to soften for about 30 - 45 seconds - just until pliable. Remove cabbage leaves from water and set aside.
Open one cabbage leaf and place about 2 Tbsp in each leaf; roll up like an egg roll (Use a large cookie scoop to drop filling onto cabbage leaves) Set rolls in the bottom of a large Slow Cooker.

Dump tomatoes on top of cabbage rolls, sprinkle with 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp basil, 1/2 tsp thyme, 1 bay leaf, and a few twists of fresh black pepper on top of cabbage rolls. *Optional: Add a 1/4 tsp hot chili flakes for a little heat. 

Put the lid on and let it cook on low for 6-8 hours, or on high for 4 hours.
*Can use turkey and ground beef, or just 1.25 lb turkey. 2/3 lb is usually a little more than half of the standard meat packages at the store. Measurements do not have to be exact. This recipe is easily adapted. Use the leftover meat; brown with onions and garlic; freeze for later use.

**To cook rice: Bring 2 cups of water and ½ tsp salt to a boil. Stir in rice. Cover, reduce to simmer, cook for 18 – 20 minutes. Remove from heat. Let sit covered for 5 minutes. Can be made the day before and refrigerated.

TIP: Make a double batch and freeze the meat mixture for later use. So you would use 1 lb ground beef, 1 lb pork, and 1 ½ cups of cooked rice. Place meat into a freezer bag, label. When ready to use, thaw in the refrigerator and then stuff the cabbage, or you could also make stuffed bell peppers with it.

Safeway Deals 5-20/ 5-26 free kraft dressing

I noticed Kraft dressing is FREE after coupon this week, May 20 through May 26, so I thought I would post a few coupon matchups. I am using a Maryland ad. Our stores double up to .99 cents.

Kraft Dressing 4 for $5 or 1.25 each

~ use Kraft Salad Dressing, Any 16 Oz. + - 05-10-09 SS $1.50/1


Sweet White Corn 12 for $2

Whole Seedless Watermelon $3.88

Vitamin Water .88 ; Free After Coupon

~ use Vitaminwater10, Any 20 Oz. Bottle - 04-05-09 SS $1/1


Hillshire Farm 50% off prices, so this may be a good deal after coupons

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, Any (DND Or DNT 5) - 04-19-09 RP .75/2

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage Links, Any (DND Or DNT 5) - 04-19-09 RP .55/1

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, Any (DND Or DNT 5) - 04-19-09 RP $1/2


Johnsonville Brats $3.99; $2.99 after coupon; or $2.89

Johnsonville Italian Sausage Or Brats, Any - 04-05-09 SS $1/1
Johnsonville Brats, Any - 04-05-09 SS .55/1

Mission Large Flour Tortillas $2.50

Mission Tortillas Plus Line, Any Package (DND 5) - 05-17-09 SS $1/1

Rosarita Refried Beans $1; not the best but a good deal if you need some frijoles refritos..:)


Nabisco Snack Crackers 1.68 ; $0.68 after coupon

Print a $1/1 coupon here

DEALS GOOD through 5/24

Coupon for .99 Kraft Singles; .50 each after both the in store coupon and printable

Use $1/2 Kraft Singles here


Joint Juice Fitness Water .88; Free After Coupon

~Joint Juice Fitness Water, Any - 04-26-09 SS $1/1

Powerade .88 ; .26 for 2 with coupon

Save $.75/2 32 oz bottles of Powerade or Powerade Zero tearpad coupon


Harris Teeter Triples Coming Soon 5/27-6/02! Heads Up!

Harris Teeter is apparently rumoured to be having triples May 27 through June 2 and its been confirmed by a manager at one location. Hopefully this will give you early notice and plenty of time to get your coupons ready.

FREE Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs

Check out this link to sign up for a coupon for FREE Oscar Mayer hot dogs. Hurry they are only giving away 1 million, so when they're gone they're gone (I sure hope I picked the right

Giant Eagle - Last Day for these Deals

Today is the last day of the sale, but I wanted to put the info out anyways in case you need eggs or a few other things.

I am using the Maryland ad and the stores double up to .99.

Giant Eagle Brand Eggs $.78
Pepsi, Mountain Dew or LIpton Iced Tea 1.5 Liters $1 each when you buy 5 of them (Great price if your having a Memorial Day BBQ and need soda)

Turkey Hill Ice Cream $3.33
~use Turkey Hill Dynamic Duos Ice Cream, Any 1.5 Quarts - 04-05-09 RP $1/1

Giant Eagle Brand Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns .99 (I think they are always this price - this is better than wal-mart)

Kraft BBQ sauce $1
Use Kraft $1/1 Printable at Kraft Foods; Final Cost FREE
Use $1/2 Kraft BBQ Sauce, Any 18 Oz. + Bottle - 05-03-09 SS; Final Cost .50 each
Use .75/1 Kraft BBQ Sauce, Any 18 Oz. + Bottle - 05-03-09 SS; Final Cost FREE

Hefty Zip Lock Bags $1.50
Use .55/1 Hefty One Zip Bags, Any - 03-29-09 RP; Final Cost .40
Use $1/1 Hefty One Zip Bags, any 1 (one) package. - 05-17-09 RP; Final Cost .50

They also had white/yellow mixed corn on sale as an in store special 3 for $1 and it is really good corn. Starting Thursday it will be 4 for $1.

$1 Flip Flop Sale

Thanks to Denise Sawyer at The "Cent"sible Sawyer for the info on Old Navy's $1 Flip Flop sale!

This Saturday, May 23rd, Old Navy is selling their flip flops for only $1! What a steal. So, if you have an Old Navy close by get yourself some cheap flops. :)


I just found out about TGI Fridays $5 meal promotion, but many of you may have seen the information on the television already. The promotion is 9 of their sandwiches and 9 salads are on sale for $5! These are full sized portions and the promotion ends May 31. My family and I went to TGI Fridays this Thursday and were pleasantly surprised. My husband chose the Jack Daniels Grilled Chicken Sandwich and it was awesome! I was blown away and for only $5!?! Really??? I decided on the Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad and the salad was delicious, but the pecan crusted chicken breast was not the best. The bread crumbs tasted a bit old. Overall feeding a family of 4 for $18 without the tip was a great buy. So, if you haven't headed over to TGI Fridays yet, hurry because it ends soon and its worth the trip!

Thrify Thursday Freebies

Request a free sample of Tasters Choice Coffee here this link.

Get a sample of Bodycology here.You may have heard of this line of lotions, body sprays and creams. If not it is similar to Bath and Body works, but it is sold at Wal-mart, K-mart, and other large chain stores. You can get a free sample of Coconut Lime or Brown Sugar Vanilla. If you like it print out this $1 coupon off Bodycology Anti Bacterial Soap.

Free Ice Cream Day, May 30th at Wal-mart. Check here to see if your local walmart is participating and to read more about the freebie.

Request a Free Aveeno Nourish Hair Care Sample here.We all know Aveeno has great lotions, but now you can check out their new hair care line.

Free Sample of Gain laundry detergent here.

Free Hormel Completes microwaveable meal coupon. Good only at military commisaries.

Bloom Triple Coupons May 15 - 17th & Matchups

Triple Coupons May 15th - 17th
Bloom is doing triple coupons this weekend May 15th, 16th, and 17th. They will triple 20 coupons per day coupons valued up to .99cents.

ETA: Maryland is not participating this time. Not sure why we are being excluded...I guess we have lots of couponers here and they just cannot handle If you are lucky enough to be close to Virginia it might be worth the drive.

A few deals I found at Bloom today:

Lysol Bathroom Cleaners (spray) and Lysol Liquid Cleaner (in the big bottle) are BOGO
use the following coupons to get them free
Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner, Any - 04-26-09 SS .75/1
Lysol Bathroom Cleaner or Mildew Remover, Any - 04-26-09 SS .75/1
Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Pourable, Any - 04-26-09 SS .75/1

Lysol 2in1 Cling on toilet $2
Lysol Cling 2in 1, Any - 04-26-09 SS .75/1; Final Cost FREE

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner $2
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Any - 04-26-09 SS; FREE

Eggo Waffles large boxes BOGO
Kellogg's Eggo Frozen Product, Any - 04-05-09 RP .75/1; Final Cost FREE

Hot Pockets $2
Hot Pockets Brand Panini, Any 7.5 Oz. Package - 04-26-09 SS .50/1 or .75/1; Final cost .50 or FREE

Tai Pai Frozen Chinese Food (little boxes) around $3.20
Use Tai Pei Frozen Entree Or Appetizer Up To 14.2 Oz. - 01-25-09 SS .50/1
; Final Cost around $1.70 each

Egglands Best Eggs 2.69
Use Eggland's Best Eggs, Any - 05-03-09 SS .50/1 or .75/1; Final Cost $1.19

Vitamin Water $1
Use VitaminWater10, any one 20oz bottle .50/1; Final Cost FREE
Vitaminwater10, Any 20 Oz. Bottle - 04-05-09 SS $1/1; Final Cost FREE

Daisy Sour Cream $1.29
Use Daisy Brand Sour Cream, Any, Not Valid In Colorado - 04-05-09 SS .50/1 or .60/1; Final Cost FREE

Bumble Bee Premium Tuna Pouch 1.29 Free After Coupon (FAC)
Use Bumble Bee Premium Tuna Pouch, Any (DND 5) .55/1 or .65/1
Bumble Bee Premium Tuna, Any 2.5 Oz Or 5 Oz. Pouch - 02-22-09 SS .55/1

Breyers Fruit Yogurt.50 each
Breyers Yogurt, Any 6 Oz. Cups - 04-05-09 SS .50/4; Final Cost .50 for 4 cups

Keebler Ready Crust pie crust in graham cracker or shortbread 1.79 or 1.99
Keebler Ready Crust Pie Crust, Any - 03-29-09 RP .55/1; Final Cost .14 or .34

Dole Pineapple $1
Use .50/1 ALL You magazine May; FREE

IKEA's Graddsas Cream Sauce for Meatballs & Pasta Recipe (added lower cal version)

We visited IKEA last weekend and were fortunate enough to go when they were having $1 Meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce. Wow what a treat! And for only $1 a person...What a steal! Too bad we spent way too much on other things :) The cream sauce was divine and I purchased a small package of it. After making it I wanted more and did not want to drive back - an hour away- just to get more cream sauce. I served the sauce on homemade pasta which was made in my new pasta maker. It is the coolest thing ever!

Graddsas Sauce (Similar Cream Sauce Recipe)


2 Tbsp flour
2 Tbsp butter
1/2 cup cream
1 cup beef broth or stock (I used beef bullion)
1 tsp soy sauce
Pinch Salt and pepper, to taste
Paprika (about 5 shakes of the container, optional)


Heat Butter in small sauce pan. Add flour and cook stirring constantly for about 2 minutes. Add 1 cup beef broth or stock, 1 tsp soy sauce, and 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, salt and pepper. Heat until slightly thickened. Serve over pasta, egg noodles, or mashed potatoes.


(Lower Calorie) German Cream Sauce

* I recommend doubling the recipe, so you will have extra to make an additional meal the next day - cook once, serve twice!


3 Tbsp butter
2 Tbsp flour
½ cup half and half or evaporated milk
1 cup beef broth (1 tbsp bullion paste to 1 cup water)
1 tsp soy sauce
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper (or 10 twists fresh pepper)
½ tsp paprika
3 Tbsp cold water mixed with 1 Tbsp cornstarch


 * For thicker gravy add 1 ½ - 2 Tbsp cornstarch.

* For richer gravy add ½ - 1 cup of sour cream.
Heat butter on medium heat in a small sauce pan; add whisk in flour and stir for 1-2 minutes. Add 1 cup of beef broth, 1 tsp soy sauce, ½ tsp salt, ¼ tsp pepper, and ½ tsp paprika; bring to a low simmer and continue whisking until mixture thickens a little (about 5 minutes). Add half and half or evaporated milk and corn starch mixture. Simmer until gravy thickens (about 2 – 3 minutes). Serve sauce over meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce. 

Fresh Pasta in a Mixer or Food Processor


2 Cups Flour
3 eggs
1 tsp
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp water


Mix Flour and eggs together. Add salt and mix again. Add oil and water. If dough is too sticky add a little flour. Scrape out of the bowl and knead on a lightly floured surface. Add flour if necessary. Knead for a few minutes (2-3). Let rest 20 minutes before putting through the pasta maker. Cut dough into 4 sections and put each section through your pasta maker. If you do not have a pasta maker, roll the dough out and cut into small pieces with a pizza cutter. You can also wrap the dough in plastic wrap and store in refrigerator for later use.

FREE Ice Cream @ TCBY on Mother's Day

Get a free cup or cone of ice cream at your nearest TCBY on Mother's Day, May 10th, 2009. Click here to find the closest location.

Thanks again to for this tip!

Mars Chocolate Candy Bar Coupons

Thanks to one of my favorite blogs,, I found out that Mars is giving out 250,000 coupons for a free chocolate bar every Friday through September. Sign up here to get your free mars coupon.

FREE 8 x 10 Photo @ Walgreens

Today only May 6th, 2009 Walgreens is giving away a free 8 X 10 photo online when you use the code MOTHER to check out. Just set up an account, upload a photo and then check out. You do not have to pay shipping if you pick it up in store.

FREE Arby's Fruit Tea Today Only

Get a Free Fruit Tea at Arby's Today, May 6th, 2009

Choose from Passion Fruit, Mandarin Peach, Diet Peach, or Diet Blackberry.

To receive your free tea just say "I'm parched, fruit tea me".

FREE KFC 2 Piece Chicken Meal

Click here to print up to four coupons to try KFC's new grilled chicken. I tried it last week and boy is it tasty. Gotta love that MSG. The coupon is good for a 2 piece meal with a biscuit and 2 sides. The coupon can be printed out until 9:59 on May 6th, 2009 (tonight) and must be used before May 19th, 2009...SO GET TO PRINTIN!

Bath & Body Works $10 Off Any $30 Purchase

Now through May 3rd get $10 off any $30 or more purchase at Bath and Body Works using the code FREESHIP65 during checkout. Enter the code in the promo code section.