Make Overseas Calls for FREE

Check out this application for your iphone which allows you to make free calls using WIFI connection. My husband just left to go to Japan for a month and discovered it so he can call me. He has an iphone, but I have a blackberry, so it is not free for him to call me on my phone, but it was free for him to call me on my computer via skype. They also give you $50 free credit when signing up (I am almost positive thats what my hubby said).

I will have to learn more about how this works, or if anyone has tips I would love to hear them via the comments section.

To download this app go to TruePhone

You can also get a free phone number for voicemail and faxes here. This is great for leaving your phone number in those pesky online forms, or at the multitude of stores that ask for a phone number. This way you do not have to tell them you would rather not give your phone number and just direct them to your online voice mail. And the more junk calls on your home or cell phone.

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