Katie's Beachbody Success Story

What an awesome testimony from Katie Hartman! I asked her if she would be willing to share her journey with others, in hopes it would inspire more busy moms to get healthy and make fitness a priority again and she said YES! This is her story :D 

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Jan - March 2015
Sept  2015 Progess 

Katie's Success Story 

"5 a.m.  That’s what time I get up on weekdays. To exercise.  On purpose! And it’s not because I love to work out, but one quote that really got me thinking… “I don’t always love the workout, but I always love the results.” That one simple thought (shared in a post from my Beachbody Coach, Jennifer Wood!) in the early days of my first challenge group made an impact on my mindset for actually TRYING something new. I figured, “hey, what can it hurt?”

I’m a busy mom of a toddler and I work a full time job in a busy rehabilitation hospital.  My evenings and weekends are dedicated to everything else in my life—family, friends, hobbies, housework… lots of great things, and things that are easily used as scapegoats for excuses why I didn't have time to take care of myself.  I did not exercise during my pregnancy. I didn't diet after giving birth, as I was misled by well-meaning breastfeeding coaches that losing weight too quickly would affect my milk supply.  And so I remained 45lb overweight, calling it “baby weight.”

Around Thanksgiving 2014, I decided that enough was enough! I was not shopping for BIGGER clothes once again! I started researching healthier things to eat for a quick breakfast as I drove to work, since there was no time for cooking breakfast in the mornings and found Shakeology.  I researched every ingredient and what I found was that in just 1 little shake, I was gaining myself a HUGE health advantage! I figured it was worth a try, after all the price for 1 bag of Shakeology was less than replacing my whole winter wardrobe with bigger pants. 

In January, my Coach invited me to join a challenge group.  “Sure,” I thought.  “I’ll be the only one who has a family, a career, size 16 jeans… but I’ll play along.  At least through the challenge group, I’ll be anonymous, and if I don’t lose any weight, nobody will know.” I was very wrong! As the members of the group began to introduce themselves, I found myself fitting in with at least half of them on the busy mom with a career aspect, if nothing else. It was like going to a Weight Watchers meeting, but since it’s all done online, I did not have to have the embarrassing moment of standing on the scale, blushing as the lady at the counter says quietly, “you’re up a little this week, dear.” Sinking to my chair and hoping I can get out of there without anyone talking to me so I could go binge on a mocha on the way home.

Feeling guilty for not doing all I could have done to work the program was my usual emotion after such meetings. Not so for the Challenge group! Never once did I feel embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, or as if I had been rebuked for eating the foods I love.  Never once was I the ONLY person who had a gain for a week, skipped a workout to sleep in when my toddler was up 3 times overnight wanting a hug (ugh!), and I can’t possibly count the times I had positive feedback from the group members about sharing the challenges I faced. 

 I started looking at 5 a.m. as another challenge. And I found support in the challenge group—other people got up at 5 a.m. too! They also worked out at 9 p.m., or in little spurts throughout the day as their babies napped.  And the whole time, I reminded myself that I only signed up for the one month challenge, and I could quit anytime. I never wanted to quit, though. Nobody was forcing me to log in and share anything.  I posted anyway.  Nobody snubbed me for missing a day of posting my meals, exercise, or water. I felt that there were people I connected with and I hope people felt that from my posts and comments toward their posts too.  This was a safe place, with encouragement and celebrations, challenges and rewards.  The biggest reward was in my closet! I did not buy any new “fat” clothes… I gained a closet full of clothes as a huge reward for the work.  I dropped back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and finally put away the last items of maternity gear I had been clinging to as a security blanket.  I have not lost monumental weight (only about 10lb), but I have barely gone a day without someone commenting that I look great, energetic, happy, and YOUNGER!

I may not always love getting up at 5 a.m., and I may roll my eyes at the fitness guru on my TV and mutter things in their direction during exercise breaks… but I always love the results!"

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