Pantry Challenge Update $10 Budget Goof

My wonderful husband got a wild hair this morning and wanted to make yeast rolls - he has been on this bread making kick lately which is cool with me. But, he needed more flour, so he decided to go to the store. I tried to get him not to do it, because I had already met my budget of $10 for the week, but he really needed it, so I caved. I know, $10 sounds so crazy and I sound even more crazy for trying to obsessively meet my goal. Oh well...maybe I can count this towards next week?

Edit: I goofed on my limit. I was so sure it was $10, but it is $20. I am going to go ahead and keep the $10 budget. I am sure I will go over, but the goal is to stay low. Wish me luck.

Commisary Trip

Marcal Tissue .99 - used $1/1 Marcal (1/3 Smartsource insert) - FREE
Yo Plus .99 - used $1/1 Yo Plus - FREE
Nutmeg $1.50
Broth .59 each - used $1/2 - .09 each
No Yolk Noodles $1.29 - used $.75/1 -  .54 each
Flour - $1.50

OOP - $4.86

Total for the week - over budget - $14.46

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  1. OOPs! It looks like I dont even know what my goals are. I thought my budget was only $10, but I originally posted $20 a week.


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