Eat From The Pantry Challenge Week 2 ~ Went a little overboard this week

The one thing this challenge is really making me aware of is how much money I am actually spending. Since I am keeping tabs on every penny, I am blown away by the amount I am spending. I know your thinking geez thats not much, but I guess in my mind I am thinking "this was free, this was cheap" etc, but it really all adds up. So far it looks like I have spent about $26 this week. I did manage to pick up a good amount of meat, which I have already prepared and frozen - 2 meatballs, 3 meat mix, chicken sandwiches, 2 chicken strips, and stir-fry. So I guess that is pretty good considering how many meals I can get out of it. I told myself I was not supposed to be buying more meat during the challenge, but I felt compelled to go ahead and get it while it was at such a low price. I really think I am obsessed with grocery shopping.

Looks like we will be eating a lot of yogurt for the next two weeks. :) Not sure why, but it always seems like when we have lots of excess of something, no one wants to eat it, but when we only have like 1 box, its gone really quickly. Why is that? Luckily the kids seem to really like the Chobani Yogurt, as do I. It is not too sweet and has a little tang to it.

Commisary Trip
4 Yo Plus Yogurt - From Commissary, FAC
2 Starkist Tuna Pkt - FAC
4 Marcal Tissue - FAC
1 pkg ground turkey - .87 after $1/1 coupon
Lipton Cup of soup Cream of Chicken - used .40 blinkie
Giant and Bloom Trip
26 Chobani Yogurt - From Giant and Bloom, FAC (Free After Coupon)
Gatorade * 4 (2 not shown) .50 each - cant believe I "paid" for
Superfresh Trip
2 pkg split chicken breasts - deboned and saved the bones for stock.
1 6.5 lb pkg ground beef
Syrup - 1.49
Eggs - Free, Coupon printed at Giant Food
America's Choice Half and Half - .99 each
America's Choice Sour Cream - .99
Turkey Hill Pint * 2 - .50 each after $1/2 home mailer
Polaner Suger Free Jam *2 - .50 each
Krusteaz Pancake mix *4 - FREE after .50 coupon
America's Choice Ice Cream Bars *2 - .99 each

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