FREE Beachbody Discount for Military

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Active duty, or the active duty spouse, disabled, or retired military veterans can now sign up as a discount Coach with beachbody and get a 25 % discount for FREE! Beachbody will waive the monthly coach fees of $16 once you send in your Orders, retirement papers, or LES.

It is a great benefit for active duty/retired military and, or, their spouses looking to make additional income, or for those looking to save money and just get a discount on their Shakeology, workout programs like P90X, Cize, Insanity, T25, Piyo, P90X3, P90, Turbo Fire, 21 Day Fix Extreme, or even supplements like Results and Recovery, or Energy and Endurance. There are no quotas, inventory required or minimum purchases. You just get 25% off your orders. If you do not order for 3 months, they will automatically close your account. 

Click here to sign up as a Coach, pay the $39 enrollment fee and then send in a copy of your LES, orders or disability papers to Coach Relations via a message link. I will provide you with this when we talk or via email.

** Please contact me if you decide to sign up. I am a retired military spouse (my husband served 22 years in the Army) I appreciate YOUR support and would love to have you on our Team!

Email me @

Questions? Contact me and I will help walk you through the process and I can also help guide you with the right fitness program and or supplements for you.

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