Want to know how to order the new P90 workout at a discount with almost free shipping?

How to order P90 at a discount with $2 shipping?

Beachbody and Tony Horton have teamed up again to recreate the original workout serious Power 90 and renamed it P90. It's new and fresh because let's face it we have come a long way since the 2001. Guys don't wear short shorts anymore. Lol! Well, if they do, they really shouldn't. This new fitness program is now available for purchase.

To order P90 with Shakeology for only $160 click here. (OCT/SEPT Special - $70 Savings and $2 shipping)

To order P90 (base kit) click here.

To order P90 (deluxe kit) click here.

Want more info on what workouts and equipment comes in each kit? Click here to compare the Base package with the Deluxe package.

Watch the video for details on the September and October special discounted package. You are basically getting P90 for $30 more than the cost of Shakeology. 

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