PiYo Online Fitness and Nutrition Group Starting August 25th

I KNOW FOR ME...the greatest transformation is when I surrender my fear of failure and press on....

When I face the fear of accepting myself, of change, and of success...

I did not want to continue living with regrets and living in a body that I was not comfortable in...and I can't give or teach what I do not have or believe...so I committed to change...I committed to work on being more positive and its a daily struggle. I committed to live a healthier lifestyle to show my kids that fitness is important and that it can be done without total deprivation.

Are you ready...can you give yourself 30 days? To dig deep and recreate yourself?

Ready to order PiYo?

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A recent challenger shared today that she  "Measured and weighed myself this morning and I'm down 6 more inches and 4 more lbs. A total of 28 inches and 15 lbs GONE!!...It's real and it's waiting for you. 

This next 30 day group will focus on nutrition (includes a meal plan with easy options to keep it simple), we will be doing PiYo and checking in daily for accountability, we will share clean eating tips, time saving strategies, tips on how to go on vacation without ruining your hard work and gaining all the weight back. It's a wonderful thing when you put like minded women who want to change in a group setting. It's all done privately in a Facebook group. These women will become a second family if you commit to checking in and doing your part. These groups work. 

We start October 20th!

Contact me via email or Facebook to learn more, or get started. 

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