How do I stay in shape while traveling or when we go on Vacation?

How do you manage to stay in shape when you go on vacation, or when you are traveling long distances in the car this Summer? That's a great question. It's going to require some planning and prepping to ensure you keep moving towards your fitness goals. Try these tips to ensure you stay on track and don't come home with an extra ten pounds to lose after your vacation.

Moderation is key when you are on vacation. A healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you can never indulge in your favorite foods, but you do need to be mindful of how much "cheat meals" you are having. I recommend you keep  your nutrition in check the majority of the day. Focusing on having a healthy breakfast, low calorie snacks making sure to combine protein with healthy carbs, eat a sensible lunch and then if you know you are going to your favorite resteraunt, plan ahead and make a better choice, or opt for that thing you want and just only eat half. Moderation is the biggest survival tactic, but you also want to make sure to be active each day as well.

Stay active
Make sure to get active at least once each day. That might be going for a brisk walk, taking a jog along the beach, making up your own HIIT style workout in your hotel room (the internet has great ideas), or my favorite idea, bring your Beachbody workout DVD's with you and play them on your laptop. If you are traveling with family, maybe you can even inspire someone to join you!

Planning what you will eat for most meals/snacks will help you tremendously. This will require a little bit of time to sit down and write them out. Remember they are not set in stone, but when you have some ideas for healthy snacks and meals, you are less likely to opt for the unhealthy breakfast sandwich or burger because you don't have any other options. Once you get your list prepped, pick up a few things from the grocery store to make your car ride smoother and keep you on track with your nutrition. Once you arrive at your destination/hotel/vacation site you can go pick up some more groceries and do a little more meal prep like chop veggies, portion snacks, etc.

Travel Snack Ideas: hardboiled eggs, almonds, bananas, Shakeology, berries, yogurt, lunch meat, pita bread, peanut butter, apples, grilled chicken, hummus, carrots, celery, cucumber and peppers.

Take the Stairs and Go Sightseeing on Foot
Instead of seeing the city by bus, put on your walking shoes and hit the pavement. Its so much fun to see the sights on foot because you can really take it all in and you're getting a workout to boot! When you need to go upstairs, skip the elevator and take the stairs to burn even more calories and tone those legs and glutes.

Alcohol adds up fast!
If you are going to partake in the festivities and drink, opt for lighter options like a skinny margarita or light beers and remember to make a mental note, or even better yet, keep a written food journal, so you can be real with yourself and keep things in check. Before you know it you're four margaritas in and now you  are over your daily caloric intake! GASP! Decide whether you want the drinks or the dessert. It's basically a game of give and take with calories. You can't have it all without consequences.

Be okay with your decisions
If you are okay with coming home feeling bloated and with an added few pounds to shed, then that's okay too. You have to plan in advance for what you are comfortable with and be okay with your decisions. It's much easier to maintain than it is to lose weight, so by focusing on these few things while you are traveling, you can keep things in check and avoid the post holiday bloat.

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