Insanity Max Interval Circuit Training, changing seasons and motivation

Team Beachbody Coach

I just completed the Max Interval Circuit Training workout from the Insanity program and I am so proud of myself. I wanted to quit during the workout, but i pushed through it. I feel so much better now. My adreniline is pumping and my muscles are fatigued so I know I got a great workout. If your interested in my current workout regimen, I am doing an Insanity/ Les Mills Body Pump Hybrid. I also do Box Mania (a boxing style cardio workout) at the gym once a week. So, I try to work out 5 days a week. Or at least thats what I do most weeks. I definitly see a difference in my body and my endurance from these workouts. They have really helped take it to another level, increasing strength, muscle tone and endurance.

On another note and sorry to be negative here, but I want to be real and honest. Today I really did not feel like working out. Since the change in weather I have been struggling to do my workouts, but I know its partially because my body doesnt adjust easily to the change of seasons. I am a summer girl. I love sunshine. I crave it. I need the seretonin. :) I also know that working out will help me to feel better because it releases those same feel good hormones. I'm also under a lot of stress right now since my husband is about to come home. I know that sounds crazy right? I am super happy he is coming home. I am so ready, but its still an emotional thing. To live away from someone and miss them like crazy and then all of a sudden its over. It's very surreal. I am freaking out about what I am going to wear to the Welcome Home Ceremony and thats pretty stupid because he could care less. My friend, Lindy, is going to come with me and be my photographer, so I want to look good for photos :)

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