Pantry Challenge Update: February (Week 2)

I am still battling to keep my goal of $30 a week even with the abundant snow we have been slammed with. Please excuse the absense of photos, but since the kids have been home, I have been cleaning up after them preoccupied with other things. I have noticed we are out of several things and it is driving me mad. I guess I have been spoiled with having a backup stockpile and  when I do not have the item its frustrating. My budget went over mainly because of the meat I found at a stellar price. I found whole cut up chickens for .49 a pound. I know, I should have bought more, but I was restraining myself.

Weekly OOP $52.48

8 pkg chicken
OOP $14.65

Aldi (made the mistake of going shopping with the family - my husband and I are the worst in a store, its like we loose our minds and buy everything)
Lots of stuff
OOP $35.74

Giant Eagle
gum, diced tomatoes
OOP $2.09

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