Menu Plan Monday 2/28 - 3/06

I managed to totally flop on last weeks meal plan. For some strange reason I just kept wanting to eat beans - maybe what I really wanted was the homemade tortillas...they were so good. OMG! I think I could eat them everyday! Hopefully this next week will go a little more according to plan, but I highly doubt it. I am prone to last minute changes. My husband even knows this is just how my mind works. I think having a meal plan is great to fall back on, but it doesn't have to be set in stone.  We have some inside information about a possible move coming in the next few months- I am praying for something warmer. If this impending move happens, we will need to clear out our freezer and fridge in a few months. I sure hope I can keep myself out of the stores to accomplish this task. This weeks menu is planned around what we have in stock. To see more great menu ideas and recipes check out OrgJunkie.

  • Chicken Stir Fry with snap peas, bok choy, rice    
  • Crock Pot Whole Chicken with italian seasonings (sage, thyme, etc), rice cooker rice, mixed veggies  
  • City Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans   
  • Black Bean Enchilada Casserole! (no meat)   
  • Homemade pizza (peperoni, cheese)   
  • BBQ chicken thighs

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