February Challenge (Week 1) - Pasta, Dog Food and Snacks OH MY!

I did not get to take photo's of everything this time, but it was a busy week of shopping. I am glad I got it done because we are getting a boatload of snow dumped on us right now. So, the kids will likely be out of school Monday and Tuesday. We are all set for the snow storm. This is what I love about couponing and stockpiling; you have what you need to live off of when you need it. A friend of mine on Facebook said something about having your very own General Store at home. That is so true. When I need something I just head to my stockpile and pick it up. No driving needed.

Many of the items I picked up this week will last us for several months, such as the dog food and the Mc Donald's treat cards. We do not eat out much, but for the return on investment it is well worth it. I am not a math wiz by any means, so this could be way off, but by my calculations the return on the treat cards is 1200%. Not a bad return.

Total OOP this week; $47.32
Total Saved; Approx $350
Year To Date Spending; $203.02

Giant Food & Giant Eagle
Quaker Cakes - FREE with overage .50 each
Polaner Fruit Spread - used $1/1 store coupon and $1/1 coupon from All You - .39 after coupons
Sargento Cheese $2.50 - used .55./1 coupon from All You
Rice Works - FAC
Hillshire Farms Sausage BOGO - used 2 *$1/1 Home Mailer coupons
Kraft Cheese $2 - used $1/2 - $1.50 each after coupon

OOP 5.23

Giant Eagle & Dollar Store
Ronzoni Smart Taste *14 = FAC
4 -Quaker Rice Cakes - Overage of .50 each with these
Sprinkles $1
Red Peppers $1
Hamburger Buns $1
Sea Salt $1
Starbucks drink - Free with overage from Quaker Cakes
10 Facial Tissues $1 - FAC
10 Paper Towels - $2 - FAC

Dog Food
Dog Treats
Brownies and candy bar

Canadian Bacon
Oreos and Cakesters - Get cakesters free wyb oreos
Knox gelatin $1.05 each - overage of $2.95 with $4/1 coupon

McDonald's Valentine Free Treat Cards - $8
will use these from 2/14 through May

20 Bags Dog/Cat Food

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