My quest to make Miso Soup

  (This is what I was going for)

(This is what I currently have)

Recently I saw something about the benefits of Miso soup, and wanting to figure out how to make it. It is shown to reduce cancer and bad estrogens, etc..etc.. On this show -who knows which one - they said to use Miso paste and regretfully my adhd mind became distracted this is all I heard. I stopped by a local organic market yesterday and picked up some Miso paste. It was $6.19! Ouch! So, I bring it home and do a search on recipes and now I have to buy more stuff. You have got to be kidding me. Now my quest for this wonderfully healthy soup is going to cost me a fortune; or at least $20. According to most online recipes I need some dried seaweed stuff (kombu) and a special fish broth (dashi) and mushrooms. I am hoping I can find this stuff; otherwise, I will have an expensive container of paste rotting in my fridge. Has anyone ever made this before? Have you even heard about it?

Tune in later to find out how my quest ends.


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