Meal Plan Monday 2/15 - 2/21

What's for dinner this week?

I did pretty well following my meal plan this last week. I am so proud of myself. :) I am still struggling to keep my weekly spending on groceries under budget. I am really starting to think there is something wrong with me - the more I try to meet my budget, the more I go over it.

I am sure you have heard about the tons of snow we have received on the east coast. Would you like me to send some your way? We have plenty! I just found out we are supposed to get more. Holy Moly, I dont think I can take any more snow. Well, really the snow is okay, its the kids being home that messes with my schedule. I guess the snow does too when all the stores are closed.

Head over to to see more menu plans for the week.

Monday ~ Egg and Swiss Asparagus English Muffin Casserolle (eggs, swiss cheese, asparagus, english muffin bread and ham)
Tuesday ~ Grilled Swiss Cheese with 1,2,3 Tomato Basil Soup
Wednesday ~ Arroz con Pollo Puerto Rican Style (chicken thighs, olives, pigeon peas, tomato sauce, potatoes, and rice)
Thursday ~ Black Bean and cilantro rice burrito's (*frozen black beans, sour cream, homemade tortillas, and rice) Edit: Just had these last night (Tuesday) and they were fantastic! Everyone loved them.
Friday ~ Shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches (shredded chicken, hamburger buns, and bbq sauce)
Saturday ~ Chicken Pot Pie (shredded chicken, mixed veggies, cream of chicken)
Sunday ~ Hot Wings, Baked French Fries

*Precook beans using Slow Cooker method, cool and freeze into meal portions for later use.

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