Easy Oven Roasted Garlic & Tomato Pasta Sauce

Easy Oven Roasted Tomato and Garlic Pasta Sauce

This is a very easy recipe that can be made up the day before, or frozen for later use. It is so delicious! The photo does not do it justice - can you tell I am not the photographer in the family? It was great for using up the abundance of tomatoes we had lying around. 


5 - 6 Roma Tomatoes
4 Cloves Garlic
Sea Salt
Olive Oil
4 Fresh Basil Leaves
Pinch Sugar


Slice tomatoes in half and place in a 9 x 13 casserolle dish.

Sprinkle tomatoes with sea salt. Slice garlic and place on top of tomatoes and put a few in the pan. (I use a pampered chef garlic slicer to make really thin slices)

Drizzle tomatoes with olive oil. Bake @ 375* for 1 hour.

Place tomatoes, garlic, oil, basil leaves and a pinch of sugar into the food processor. Pulse the mixture until you reach your desired consistency. Sauce can be chunky or pureed.

Toss with any type of pasta for a simple, yet mouthwatering meal.

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