5 Week Before and After Progress with Focus T25

I am really blown away by the results I have achieved from this program, drinking Shakeology, focusing on clean eating most of the time (the meal plans I include make this so much easier) and plugging into my online support group daily. It's all about a lifestyle change, so it's a realistic long term solution. Focus T25 has challenged me and pushed me to a higher level of fitness.

I have been following the schedule exactly as it says (which is not something I typically do. I am so not a rule follower) and I am proud of myself for doing all the workouts. My husband has done almost all of the workouts with me. I think he missed one day. I wasn't sure if 25 minutes would be enough, but clearly it is. I have not been adding any other workouts on top of this one.

If you are ready to start this Focus T25 and would like daily support and accountability, a personal fitness and nutrition Coach for free, help with nutrition and a meal plan ever 30 days, contact me about my challenge group (online support group). My next 60 Day Fitness and Nutrition support group starts on March 31th, 2014.  Contact me at jenniferwoodfitness@gmail.com or facebook.com/fitwithjen1

To get started in my challenge group, make sure to order your discounted challenge pack, which contains shakeology and Focus T25 for the discounted price of $205 (Free shipping). Make sure to contact me once you complete the order, so I can send you a free meal plan and just connect with you and see how I can best help you. 

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