Starting Les Mills Body Combat on Monday

I'm so ready to start a new program on Monday. I got my package about a week ago and it's always like Christmas when I get a new program :)

 I did the 60 minute workout and FELL IN LOVE. I am a big fan of kickboxing or anything where punching and kicking are involved. Can you say anger issues? Someone needs therapy...hahaha...No, I am really a nice person, I just like those types of workouts. I am also a big fan of HIIT workouts because they are shorter and the high intensity burns fat quicker than traditional workouts. It's killing me to not start my program early, but I am going to wait and hit it with the other people in my challenge group. I am really looking forward to it. I plan on doing Combat 3 times a week and doing Les Mills Pump 2 times a week to get my weight training in, but I may just decide to do Combat all the way since it also incorporates weights in some of the workouts. We shall see. The nutrition guide is smaller than the other program guides, but its got some interesting recipes in it. I am sure I will post a recipe and pic of something soon.

I saw this video yesterday and had I not been sick I would have ran upstairs and done the workout out of pure excitement. Doesn't this video just get you pumped?

So, if you want to plug in to a group of people who are doing combat together and working on our nutrition to get the best results, contact me. If Combat is not your thing, let's chat so we can see what's best for you.

For more info on joining the group, message me at usarmywife at or add me on

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