Received TurboFire - It's AWESOME!

Recently ordered TurboFire when it was marked down to $53, which BTW I have never seen. This was unheard of! I am in love with this workout set. It's huge! And the workouts are so fun. I find myself smiling and whooping and hollering during the workouts. When I finish the workouts, my abs are fired up and thats without doing any floor work. I get drenched in sweat and dont even realize I am working that hard. I really like it. The nutrition guide is fantastic. I have seen several recipes that I will be trying out. Have you done Turbofire? Are you a Turbo girl???? I think I am definitly a Turbo Girl! :) I am going to start a Les Mills Body Pump/ TurboFire Hybrid during the 90 day challenge.

I am starting a 30 day "get through the Holidays" challenge December 1st if you want to fight the Holiday weight gain. Dont wait until January 1st, lets do this now!

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