New Addition To The Family

Well, it would seem we have a new addition to the family. Check out Miss Sydney. The hubby found her on his way home from work after seeing her sibling, who had already been run over, and noticing a light speck along the treeline. Lucky me. I am partially serious and partially not. How could I say no to those baby browns? I love animals, but boy it sure does add a lot more stress to my days. Were going on day 3 now and she is doing really well. She is a great puppy who loves to chew on EVERYTHING. She is already crate trained and is almost fully potty trained - we still have a few oopsies now and then when no one is watching her. And, oh bugger, she is a fast one. If you take your eyes off her for a second she can disappear. She looks like she has a lot of golden retriever in her, but I am not sure what else. She has white feet and a few more white spots on her. She is the cutest fluffiest puppy and she has the "fall in love" puppy smell too. What is it about babies and puppies? The smell so good. It must be God's way of suckering us into these situations. So, now our house is becoming more like a zoo. We have Izzy our german chow rescue, gracie marie our cat rescue and now we have sydney, our side of the road rescue. yay. I am curious to see how our camping trip is going to go in a few weeks with two dogs in a tiny pop-up camper. I am sure this is going to be a sight. I will make sure to post some pictures of the madness. I know it will be worth it. She is such a joy and she makes my spirit smile. I am not sure why she was brought into our lives, but God always has a plan, so I will embrace her and see where this adventure takes us. 

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