Menu Plan Monday 3/28 - 4/5

The weather is not as lovely as it has been. It has been stormy or drizzling the last few days and apparently it is supposed to stick around for a few more days. I shouldnt complain since it keeps me inside and away from the stores; which means I spend less and get more done at home. I am so proud of myself. This weekend I managed to finish, not one, but two jean shoulder bags for my kiddos. I used leftover jean material and some scrap fabric to make the bag. I am not very inventive, so this was a big deal for me. To add to this, I am a huge procrastinator, and I tend to not finish things, so I was inthralled that I managed to focus long enough to finish something crafty. So now I can officially term myself "crafty" :) I guess its addicting cause now I want to make something else. I have been perusing the blogs looking at some of the great ideas out there, but we will see how long my interest lasts. This week I am going to try out a new recipe; Braised Short Ribs. I saw Anne Borrell make them a while back on Food Network and it looked easy enough; yet, looks like I slaved away in the kitchen making it. This post is linked up to Check out Menu Plan Monday for more great ideas.

(Meatball Subs)

Monday – Crock-Pot Meatball Subs, leftover mac and cheese
Tuesday – Braised Short ribs, mashed potatoes, green beans
Wednesday – Speedy Slow Cooker Swiss Steak, Rice, Peppers and onions
Friday – Leftovers
Saturday – Roasted Garlic Flat Iron Steak, Macaroni and cheese, green beans
(Chicken and Sausage Gumbo)

Sunday –   Chicken Gumbo
(Quinoa Vegetable Noodle Soup)
Monday - Taco’s, Beans and Rice
Tuesday - Quinoa Veg Noodle Soup, rolls


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