Teenage Drama for The Momma

Is anyone else ready to pull their hair out over their pre-teen or teenager??? Oh my goodness! I had no idea anyone could have such an attitude. I just have to vent about this, so bare with me...my daughter is almost 13 and she thinks she is old enough to do whatever she wants, that I am "ruining her life," that I "want her to be a robot," that her shorts are required to be really short - and might I add she has really long legs, so regular shorts are short on her already, that anything I have to say is annoying and a lecture, that I am lame, that I cannot seem to buy anything she likes. HELP!

I am so emotionally drained when it comes to the drama....why do they say "save the drama for your Momma?" Momma doesnt want the drama, so please save it for someone else. The latest dramatic event was this morning. I purchased my daughter a few pairs of cotton shorts, a tank and some flip-flops from Justice. She loves Justice and they were having a 40% off sale, so I thought, "she will love these". WRONG! She loved the shorts that were too small; the ones that will be getting exchanged for the next size up and HATED the pair of shorts that actually fit her correctly, stating "they're too long! UGH"...then on to the shoes...where she says "they're too small! I don't wear a size 2/3!" (But you do wear a size 2/3, what just happened?)  Consequently, these items will be returning to the store and she not be receiving any new clothing anytime soon. How does this even happen? Let's see, if someone was trying to give me new clothing, what would I do? Give them attitude? No way! I would be like "AWESOME THANKS!".  How does being nice quantify attitude? I think the thrift store is sounding mighty appealing right now. Maybe she will appreciate new things more if she doesnt get them for a while.

Anyone else dealing with a teenager? Got any tips? I would love to know how to survive these brutal wonderful years. Mom, if your reading this, I am so sorry for the "Whatevers", the rolly eyes, the back talk and the 18 years of drama.


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