New Coach * Let's Get Started!


Let's set up your back office (coach online office), your direct deposit, and a few other general items. Setting up your office

2. To help you stay organized, I recommend you get or find a 3 ring binder and a set of dividers. Place the following documents into the binder for easy access. You will tweak your system as your business grows, but this will keep your information in one central location. I also recommend you set up your own google drive account =>

3. Order the book, The Compound Effect By Darren Hardy, or begin reading it here.

4. Where do you see yourself as a Coach? Pick your path!

There are basically 3 types of coaches who join Beachbody

a) “Preferred customers” You just want the awesome discount.
Your needs & goals will change over time. Whether you joined for fitness…or to start your business…you're Team is here to help guide you.

b) “Wait & see” You want to work on your transformation 1st & then think about sharing your results and helping others OR you just want to do this as a HOBBY
c) “Full Steam Ahead” You are ready to build this business and start changing lives!

Decide which category you fall into and let me, or your Coach know so we can best support you. This will likely change over time. I know mine did!

2. MAKE A LIST OF RESOURCES. Write down 100-200 names. The average person knows 2000 people by the age of 21. Don't prejudge them, just write down their names. Print.

3. People I want to help share sheet. Print. Use this when you are inviting or sharing with a potential client (aka "challenger hopeful," or "coach hopeful" or "people I want to help"). Tracking is vital to being able to follow up later. The fortune is in the follow up. That's really where the magic happens!

4. Dream Team! Think of people you would LOVE to work with or who you feel would benefit from the coaching opportunity. Don't prejudge them. Let them decide. Print.

5. Vital Behaviors

If you focus on these vital behaviors consistently your business will grow. We will go more in depth on each behavior later, but for now, these are the main things we like to call Phase 1. 80% of your business will come from these activities.

We often talk about your power hour and this is where most of the vitals will happen. If you do not have an hour, squeeze it in here and there throughout the day. Where theres a will you'll find a way!

6. New Coach Business Activity Tracker. Print.
We have several checklists or options for you to use or you can just use a notebook to track the vitals listed in the photo above. Whatever works for you. Sometimes simple is better. But, this document will help break down some of the things you should be doing. If you cannot do each activity each day, you can for example do all your invites for the week in one day.
Here is another check list option. 

7. How does a customer order, or how do you sign up a new coach? Click here, watch the video at the top and download a copy to your google drive. If you haven't set up your google drive, go up to the top of the list and click the link.

8. Start connecting with people on your list. Don't sell, just start a conversation. We call this FORMing. Example, "Hey girl! How have you been? I saw you just went on vacation. How was it? Where did you guys stay?
-Just get a conversation going. If they ask you a question keep it short and ask them another question. Be interested NOT interesting!


Start Inviting people to join our 4 week challenge group, or 10 day, or learn more about the business (not all 3 in one invite haha! Don't overwhelm. I recommend focusing on inviting someone to the 10 day first as a new coach. We have scripts in our Team files (located in our Facebook page "Empowered Revolution Coaches" pinned to the top. Click Main/Inviting to find the scripts and help with inviting.
Make sure to watch this video by my friend and very successful Coach Kristen

1. form and look for their sign
2. FACTS TELL AND STORIES SELL. Most people just want to know is it easy, does it work, can they do it too. Don’t overload them about calorie counts and meal plan guides,...
4. When you get an objection…don’t view it as a NO. It is simply a challenge and your job is to help find a solution
7. CLOSE by wrapping up with their need and goals. and a story…i know if you follow what Sarah did and stay close to me in our challenge we can get you feeling more confident and have the energy you want to run with your kids…will you give me 30 days?

10. Success Club - If you help 3 people get set up with a challenge pack or Shakeology HD in your first 3 months, you can earn a free ticket to Beachbody Coach Summit. This year we are all going to New Orleans! You want to be there! You will also be eligible for free leads from the company when you add your first 2 coaches and earn the rank of Emerald!

By hitting success club each month you can also earn money towards a free trip. It changes each year and it's so much fun! The photo above was a cruise we earned on the SS Beachbody in 2016. We had a blast! 
You earn 2 points for each challenge pack and Shakeology HD order. 

11. Emerald Rank - when you add your first 2 coaches (one on your left side and one on your right side) you will rank advance to Emerald and begin to earn what is called a Team Cycle Bonus. A team cycle bonus happens when you have 100 in volume on one side and 200 in volume on the other side. You cycle at the emerald rank at $14 a cycle. So, as your Team grows and your volume grows, you will cycle more times and earn more residual money! Yahooo!

12. WORK HOURS - If you treat it like a business it will pay you like a business. You are the CEO of your own business. Set your work hours. It can fit into the “mom cracks” or “dad cracks” and “full time cracks” if your intentional with your schedule. Remember "all in" doesn't mean all day.


1. Do your research (google is your BFF!)
2. Search - save this link so you have it!
3. Google it (countless WONDERFUL blog entries about the business)
4. Ask Coach Relations via chat or phone 800-240-0913
5. Ask the question on the TEAM PAGE 
6. And then if you still aren't satisfied with your understanding or the answer... PLEASE ASK your coach or ME! But use your resources.
**If you are a brand new coach, please don't hesitate to message me with questions. The best Coaches are learning, taking action and asking questions.


Some extra calls by my mentor Dani Johnson. I love to go to her live events First Steps to Wealth. She also does free monday night calls through the smarter networker.

Quick Start Calls By Dani Johnson
1. The most important secret to your success.
2. How to max out your opportunity. 
3. How to make money right now.

Remember, the team page is a great resource if you have questions. If you have a question odds are someone else does too! We are all in this together. No one succeeds alone, so make sure to engage with the Team and your Coach so we know your goals and how we can best guide you.

If you are not a Coach on Team Empowered Revolution and want to be a part of the most awesome Tribe, please message me, or friend me on Facebook. Let's see if this business is a good fit for you. Or fill out this form and I'll be in touch. 

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