End Of Summer & Back To School Challenge ~ Online Fitness & Nutrition Weight Loss Program For Busy Moms

Give me 30 days to get REFOCUSED! 

It's going to take effort, it's going to be hard work and it's going to be WORTH it! 

New BACK TO SCHOOL virtual fitness and nutrition group starts September 5th.

Whats included?

* Simple meal plan you can stick with long term. 
* 25-45 minute scientifically proven workouts you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own home and on your schedule. I work with all fitness levels. 
* Shakeology once a day - a superfood smoothie I have used for 5 years that has helped me and hundreds of clients get healthy, heal my stomach pain and digestion issues, have more natural energy, fight cravings, lose weight and feel so great.
* Daily accountability and peer support online!
* Direct access to me for encouragement, support, advice and motivation.
* Optional 1:1 weekly 30 minute calls for extra support at no extra charge
* Worksheets, clean eating tips, goal setting, meal prep, mindset and more! I don't do hard. I keep it simple. 

* Shaker cup
* Portion Fix Containers
* Bonus Portion Fix Meal Plan guide
* Discounted shipping $2

In this online support group, we focus on progress and not perfection and real lifestyle change. Daily accountability is the key to success and what so many people do not have. If you are tired of working hard to see results and nothing is happening, you need to join us. WE GET RESULTS! 

There is something to having a support system for that added accountability. I know it's been the missing piece for me! When I fall off, I always get back on track because I know my groups are counting on me to show up and I don't want to be the one who didn't show up and do the work! 

This group is a safe place to share victories, struggles, real life and move forward. We pick you up when you slip up. We support you when you want to give up. We are in this for the long haul! 

Comment below, or message me for more details.

*After 30  days, you are always welcome to join the next group as long as you are my customer, or a Coach on our Team. We want you to get results because it makes us HAPPY!

Are we friends on Facebook? If not, please add me! 


In the UK? I am hosting a free 5 day weight lifting and cardio group along with a meal plan, healthy recipes, fitness tips, how to stay motivated and more! Let's connect on Facebook and I will make sure to get you added.

Join my free online fitness community here.

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