Emotional Eating and Self Sabotage

Tips To Overcome Emotional Eating and Self Sabotage

How many ladies can relate to emotional eating and self sabotaging all your hard work. It seems like an endless battle between food and self control. Why do we do this? Why is it harder around "that time of the month". I know I want to personally eat every carb in sight when that time comes. How do we overcome these weight challenges and empower ourselves to reach our goals. We have to take control and just keep trying every day.

Eating for Comfort

When stress levels go up, when we get sad, or whatever crazy triggers you to overeat; STOP! Think about what you are doing and what those unnecessary unhealthy foods are going to do to you. Think about how you will feel post carb load. It wont be pretty and you wont be any happier. Trust me. Focus on something else for a little while. For example, take a warm bath, go for a walk, or call a friend. Sometimes, refocusing on something else will allow those emotional cravings to pass and you'll be back on track.

Avoid the Scale

If the scale has you obsessing about calories, stressed out, feeling down or all of the above, ditch the scale! Sure its a good way to keep yourself from gaining back everything you lost by weight once a week or every 2 weeks, but if stepping on that cold slate of metal makes you cringe and ruins your day, just avoid it like the plague. Instead opt for taking your measurements and writing them down weekly. The scale does not give an accurate measurement of your progress, but measurements will show you how you are progressing.

Eating Unconsciously

Many times we, out of habit, reach for our old comfort foods and or snacky foods. Mindless eating can add inches to your waistline and lead to weight gain which will leave you feeling frustrated and you may even want to give up -- don't give up! Be very aware of unconscious snacking. Especially when you are at a party or event and there are chips, dip, sweets, and munchies galore. Before you know it, you'll be pounding junk and calories and you may not even realize it. When you find yourself doing this, just stop. Think about what caused you to do it, so you can mentally prepare the next time you are in that same situation. What will you do? How can you overcome that? Can you bring healthy alternatives, so you can feel like you are snacking and still enjoying the party? Plan ahead for success and be very aware of what you put into your mouth. 

Self Sabotage

This is the number one thing most of us do. We do good all week, only to ruin all that hard work over the weekend. DONT. DO. IT! If you choose to have one treat meal, then go for it, but don't use that as an excuse to indulge all weekend. Do not tell yourself you deserve it and don't reward yourself with food. Try rewarding yourself with a trip to the spa for hitting a goal, or even a pedicure. When you lose a few pounds, don't let up and indulge more thinking it will be okay, I will lose it again. It will turn into a vicious cycle -- one where you are not happy, not feeling healthy, frustrated and not moving forward.

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