How to Get over Being a People Pleaser

Are you a people pleaser? Does it drive you crazy to think someone thinks poorly of you or criticizes you? It drives me batty and will even cause me to question myself and if I'm a good person or if i am doing something wrong, even when I know I'm not. You know? I think sometimes people deflect their own insecurities onto others to make themselves feel better. In the business world, it is so hard to balance friendship and business because women especially are super sensitive to anything you say and do and some will analyze everything and assume you mean something when in reality you are just trying to run a business. Why are women like this? SMH. It's super frustrating because "aint nobody got time for that!". I don't mean that in a mean way, but seriously, I cannot be all, do all, and tip toe in order to keep everyone happy. I am not going to do it. I am a peace maker so I want everyone to live in peace and harmony, but in reality, that is not always going to happen. There are going to come times where people take things wrong and assume the worst. I do try to be open minded and i am quick to apologize when I am wrong or even when I think I am wrong. Yes, I do speak sometimes (well a lot of times) without thinking, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong or mean. It just means I am real and honest and you know I will speak truth instead of being fake. 

Something I am realizing is that no matter how much we want to please people, there will always be someone who doesn't like what we do, or someone who criticizes you, or who thinks you should do things differently. What I have grown to realize is that all we can do is what we know is right for us and our families. We cannot try to please everyone. It will never happen. I am a people pleaser, but I have really had to let that go in the last year and do what is best for me, my business and my family. Give yourself permission to do what is best for you. Stop comparing yourself to others and just do your best. You are an individual and God made you different for a reason. Don't change that for someone else. So....the point of my photo is basically this: you will always be criticized for something because people are human, so why not do what you want or need to do. I think I understand why people say things change in your 40's. I am 2.5 years away and I am getting stronger and realizing that I have this one life and it's mine to live. I don't have to please everyone to enjoy it. So, if you are reading this and you are stressing about pleasing everyone, just stop. Think about what you need. What your family needs and let go of what others think. 

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