P90x3 Release Date and Information

P90x 3 will be released at a discounted price in the form of a Challenge pack on December 10th, 2013. This will include the entire fitness program and a Month's supply of Shakeology (your daily dose of Superfoods and Nutrition) for only $180. This also includes shipping, so it will be one heck of a deal! The program is only 30 minutes and you do not have to be a p90x or p90x2 graduate to complete p90x3. It is a stand alone program that will be great for weight loss and toning.

How does the program work?


• Studies shows that the most dramatic body transformations happen in the first 30 minutes of exercise.

• Tony Horton took everything he’s proven with Muscle Confusion™ and Muscle Integration, and tailored new routines to take advantage of this science of shorter workouts.

• The MUSCLE ACCELERATION SYSTEM combines a highly-structured schedule with an incredibly high level of intensity and an unprecedented variety of moves that keeps every muscle challenged for the full 30 minutes. 

• A 90-day extreme fitness program designed to get you ripped in just 30 minutes a day. Each one of the accelerated 30-minute workouts has been uniquely developed to produce the greatest physical change in your body, in the most efficient way.

• 90 Day Program – Three 30-Day Blocks

16 30-Minute P90X-style workouts

• 6 Days a Week

• All you need is weights/bands, a way to do chin-ups, and 30 minutes/day.

• Comes with a fitness guide

• 90 day workout calendar to guide you through the 90 days. 

• IMPORTANT NOTE – P90X3 is NOT a sequel to P90X or P90X2, nor is it a graduate program.

• Users do not have to be in great shape or need to complete P90X or P90X2 in order to do P90X3.

X3 Schedule Choices

CLASSIC – Traditional balance of cardio and resistance, will help you gain muscle and lose fat

LEAN – Designed for those who prefer a more toned look, where you’ll target functionality, mobility and cardio over resistance training

MASS – For those looking for bulk over getting ripped, you will focus on more resistance training, while incorporating a higher caloric intake into your diet

DOUBLES – As Tony would say, this schedule is for workout “psychos” who have the ability to push through two workouts per day 

For details on my New Year's Online Challenge Support group starting in January, 2014, email me at jenniferwoodfitness@gmail.com, or Facebook me @ fb.com/jenniferwoodfitness 

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