10 Day Challenge Group

It amazes me what can happen in just 10 short days. Lives are truly changed by this program. We focus on nutrition and get you working out again. The workouts can be 30 minutes of whatever your body is comfortable with. Of coarse the more you push yourself the better the results, but the key of the challenge is to learn how to eat to fuel you body, to burn fat more efficiently, to have more energy and to be healthier. I am attatching the flyer for the challenge. I keep my groups small,  so you get my attention for 10 days. Two of my challengers dropped 5 pounds and over 5 inches in this last 10 day challenge and it's not coming back either. This isnt a fad diet, or a get skinny quick thing. It's real lifestyle change. I show you how.

Let me know if you want more information, or if you are ready to commit, let's lock in your spot!

In this together!


Jennifer Wood, Fitness Coach
(912)312-2253 | www.jenniferwoodfitness.com 
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