Dietitian Review and Explanation of Shakeology Benefits

This is a review and explanation from a Dietitian residing outside of the United States.
It is a great breakdown of the " 'healthiest meal of the day', Shakeology. Yet another reason why this product is so great! This is what he had to say. Mind you, he’s a doctor that lives outside of the United States, so he’s NEVER heard of Shakeology.

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Viral Diseases ——————– Vitamin D+ phosphorus.+ Zinc+ Copper. + Magnesium
Influenza, Fever, Cold———- Vitamin D+ phosphorus + Magnesium
Weakness of bones ————- Vitamin D+ phosphorus + Magnesium
Typhoid, Weakness of bones — Vitamin C + Vitamin D
Frequently urination————- Vitamin D + Vitamin C + Phosphorus + Folic acid
Short Sightedness ————— Vitamin D + Vitamin C + Phosphorus + Folic acid
Schizophrenia ——————— Vitamin D + Vitamin C + Phosphorus + Folic acid
Constipation ———————- Vitamin C + Calcium
Digestive system —————– Vitamin D+ Phosphorus + Zinc+ Copper + Magnesium
Neuralgic pain ——————– Vitamin C + Vitamin B + Copper
Pains of bones ——————- Vitamin D + Phosphorus + Zinc
Hormones (glands) ————– Vitamin E + Magnesium.
Muscles ————————— Phosphorus + Magnesium + Vitamin B6 + Vitamin B12
Blood circulation —————– Vitamin C +iron + Calcium

Shakeology has excellent prevention to viral diseases, influenza, fever, cold, typhoid, weakness of bones and have benefits for frequently urination, shortsightedness, schizophrenia, constipation, digestive system, neuralgic pain, blood circulation and pains of bones. Shakeology provides a lot of energy and boost-up the nervous system, muscular system, and bones and also maintain the hormones. It’s price is very affordable as you cannot get many nutritional ingredients in this price.

Vitamin A ————– vision, motor nerves, brain
Vitamin C ————- vision, motor nerves, brain, teeth
Vitamin D ————- sensory nerves, brain, bones pains, joints
Vitamin E ———— hormones, sex, brain, acidity
Vitamin K1 ———— skin, mucus membranes, injuries, glands
Vitamin B1 ———— motor nerves, liver
Vitamin B2 ———— motor nerves, kidney
Vitamin B3 ———— motor nerves, bones
Vitamin B6 ———— motor nerves, brain
Folic acid ———— motor nerves, muscles, heart
Vitamin B12 ———– motor nerves, bladder, cartilage
Biotin ———— muscles, liver
Pantothenic acid —————glands, spleen
Calcium ———— bones, teeth, , bladder, blood, brain
Iron ———– oxygen, motor nerves, blood circulation, bone morrow
Phosphorous —————-liver, brain, sex, lungs
Iodine ———– thyroid gland, metabolism, glands
Magnesium ———–glands, muscles, acidity, brain
Zinc ———–sex glands, bones
Copper ———– skin, sex nerves
Manganese ————- muscles, heart
Chromium ———— blood vessels
Molybdenum ———— glands, blood vessels, pancreas
Cinnamon powder ———– vision, motor nerves, sex, heart, kidney
Gingko powder (leaf) ———- brain, bones, sensory nerves, sex, bladder
Maca powder ————— brain, bones, sensory nerves
Sacha inchi —————heart, liver, motor nerves
Yacon ————- heart, liver, muscles
Flax ———– heart, bones
Chia ———— kidney, muscles
Chlorella ———– glands, kidney
Astragalus powder (root) ———— glands,, nails, stomach
Blue green algae ———— bones, teeth
Spinach powder ———– glands
Ashwagandha powder (root) ———– sensory nerves, liver, sex
Barley grass ———— motor nerves, heart, sex
Kamut grass ————- glands
Oat grass ————- bones, vision
Wheat grass ———– muscles, brain, sex, swelling
Stevia ———– brain, bones, sensory nerves, sex, bladder
Amaranth ———– motor nerves, intestines
Grape seed ———– skin, hair, motor nerves, heart, nails
Green tea ———— stimulator
Holy basil ———— muscles, stomach, intestines

Shakeology has a great amount of nutrition that can definitely help prevent and improve your health on many different levels. Unfortunately, because I do not live in the United States, I do not have access to this shake as I would recommend this to my patients who are under strict diets. Although the shake may seem like a hefty monthly investment, you are definitely getting a bang for your buck. The majority of people that work a regular 9 – 5 job end up going out for lunch 20 times a month and spending an average of $8 per meal. People are not careful with what they are consuming and because your body is not receiving the appropriate nutrients, it will ask you for more, and some people will continue to eat the wrong foods. This shake is only $129.95 for 30 days which averages to $4 per meal and it will fill you up because of all the nutrients in this shake.

Lucky for us in the US, we are able to get this amazing product. I know it is now in the process of possibly going world wide! That means even more growth in this company. If you want to know more about how you can earn money, feel better, look better and help others, email me at or add me on Facebook and message me. 

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