Save $Money$ on Workout Clothes

Do you love to save money? I do. My favorite place to shop for workout clothes is Marshall's. They always have my favorite brands, Balance Collection by Marika, and Marika, for super cheap. The quality is much better than your local discount store and the prices are usually cheaper than what you would pay there as well. I was able to get all this...

for around $60. The sports bras were 12.99. Two pairs of shorts were $7.99. And one pair of shorts was 12.99, but do you see what the MSRP was??? They were originally $68. That is a huge savings! I have even found Mizuno Running shoes for $33. They were originally over $100! Crazy savings! So, if you haven't perused the isles of Marshall's, go check them out. Soon they will start clearing summer workout gear and you can get it EVEN cheaper!

Happy Shopping!

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