Military Summer Fun

I know I have not been around the blogosphere lately, but I am alive and well. The kids are off at grandma's and the husband and I are having a great time in our new pop-up camper. I hope this was an investment that will get used often. If not, well I guess we made a bad choice. We just tested out our camper this past week down at Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have lots to say about the area; especially for those of you who hold Military ID cards. We discovered several free beaches on Military Installations and boy are there lots of bases out there! It is a smorgasbord of branches. I have a few fun and some not so fun exeperiences to share, so check back for updates on our trip. If we can squeeze some more money out of our money tree we may just head off to an undisclosed location this weekend. If we do, I will update when we return.

Do you love camping? Own an rv or just pop a tent? What do you like about camping? What's your favorite camping spot? I would love to hear any ideas or comments.


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