A Few of My Favorite Things: Makeup and Kitchen Utensils

I don't usually post about makeup and  and cooking items, but I was thinking to myself, "why not?" I love makeup - some might suggest a little too much - and I love cooking. I have found a few things over the years that make my life easier, so I am sharing with whoever is reading out there in blogger world. I know sometimes word of mouth is the best way to find great things, so here goes....

My top item is Jane Iredale Bronzer in Sunbeam. It is a quad bronzer which contains a higlighter, a blush color and two bronze colors. It is really an all in one. If you have your foundation and this product, and some mascara you can put your face on in a hurry. I use mine with a chisel flat top brush my mom gave me from Kroger, "Salon Collection" is the brand I think and its been a pretty good little brush over the last few months. There are several brushes like this out there. One of my new favorite brands is Studio Gear.

Studio Gear brushes are not cheap, but they do carry a lifetime warranty. Something I just recently discovered! I purchased two brushes at Ulta about a week ago and I am sooooo impressed. I picked up a concealer brush and the large powder brush. Let me tell you, these brushes are amazing. They are so soft and my finishing powder is going on perfectly.

Next up, one of my favorite kitchen items, the Microplane. I absolutely love my Microplane grater...it grates, it zests, it grinds up nutmeg, the list goes on. I purchased my Microplane about 2 years ago - my brain cells do not rememeber when - in Bed Bath and Beyond. It was a hard little bugger to find. I am sure they are more common now, but back then I had to hunt.

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