Grilled Pizza Recipe: Make Ahead and Freeze for Quick Dinners

Pre-grilling Pizza Dough for Delicious Grilled Pizza's

I am such a lucky woman - not only does he clean; he bakes bread too! My husband, Jason, has become quite the avid baker. He loves trying new recipes and I enjoy eating them (my waist does not). He has been making grilled pizza dough for a few months now and freezing them to use at a later time. I was really shocked by how delicious they are. I tried to show photo's of the process step by step (forgive the photo's, I am not by any means a photographer) but, I left out the finished product. I was so excited to eat it, I forgot the picture. :) I will post the finished grilled pizza as soon as we make it again. I know Jason found this idea online or Food Network, but I am not sure of the source.

First whip up your favorite pizza dough recipe or use this one. Allow to rise for an hour or so then place in refrigerator if you have the time - something to do with the dough rolling out more easily. Form dough into softball sized balls and place onto floured cookie sheet or counter; Cover with dish towels to keep from drying out.

Rolling Out the Dough

On a floured surface, roll out dough useing a rolling pin until dough is approximately 1/4 inch thick. Brush both sides of dough with olive oil. Pre heat grill to a medium low - medium heat. Place carefully on hot grill for 5 minutes; flip dough over and cook 5 minutes more. If dough starts to get a big bubble, poke it with a fork or knife. Remove pizza; and place onto cookie cooling rack.

Finished Dough off the Grill

At this point, the pizza crust can be frozen for a later use. Wait for it to cool completely on the drying rack and then place into large 2 gallon freezer bags. When ready to make pizza, pull out frozen dough, place on counter; cover with sauce, mozerella and basil; or, the toppings of your choice.

Prepped Pizza for the Final Grill

To make a quick and easy pizza sauce, cut tomatoes into large slices, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle well with salt and place directly onto grill when pre grilling the crust. Remove tomatoes and smear onto prepared dough; top with cheese and basil. Or, try this easy, Simple and Fresh Pizza Sauce recipe.

Place the prepped pizza back onto a medium- low heated grill until cheese melts. Place onto cutting board and sllice using a pizza cutter. Serve hot and enjoy!

Pizza Options

Margarita Pizza: Fresh Mozerella, Basil Leaves
Taco Pizza: Precooked ground beef or used master meat mix, mexican blend cheese, onions, bell peppers. Try using hot sauce as pizza sauce and sprinkle pizza with taco seasoning. After cooking add lettuce and fresh chopped tomato if desired.

Aglio di Olio Pizza: Instead of using a tomato based sauce, drizzle olive oil onto crust and sprinkle crust with fresh chopped or sliced garlic. Another option would be to mix oil with roasted garlic and rub onto crust.

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  1. That looks incredible!!! I love homemade pizza, but have never grilled it! Fun idea.


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