Eat From the Pantry Challenge January 2010

I have decided to attempt to participate in the "Eat from the Pantry Challenge" being hosted on Money Saving Mom's website. I usually try to use the items we already have on hand in order to make room for more, but clearly since my freezer keeps getting fuller, we are not consuming as quickly as we are acquiring the food. Currently, our three freezers are bulging at the seams as well as show off my organizing skills - or lack there off. My goal in this challenge is to reorganize and make a log of what I have in stock. Ideally putting like items together will be on the top of my list, but this all depends on how long my attention span lasts.

My husband just brought home a ton of deer meat that we cut up and portioned into roasts and stews, so I will need to incorporate my meals around this new and unique to me, type of meat.  If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear them.

My goals for this challenge during the month of January 2010 are:

1. To limit spending at grocery stores to no more than $20 a week and mostly on items such as milk and eggs. While trying to use giftcards from RX transfers when possible to buy some of these items.

2. To create meals using items from our stockpile and post the recipes  here.

3.   To continue eating at home every night - we just do not go out to eat much around here.

4. To use the money saved to go do something fun as a family (i.e. movies, dinner out)

5. And lastly, to update my inventory and post updates on the Challenge status weekly.

Note: I am sure there will be exceptions to my grocery spending. For example, starting tomorrow Super Fresh is having another triple coupon event and it has been quite some time since they have done this, so I HAVE to go at least once. Other items that are at rock-bottom prices or free will more than likely be picked up too.

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