Beachbody Team Cup: We worked hard to win this hat!

Every few months our company does this mini challenge called the Team Beachbody Cup Challenge. It's just a fun way to build relationships and move your business forward in a more focused way. Nothing crazy really; just focusing on the vitals, being consistent and showing up each day. We set a goal to win this hat and I am beyond proud of these ladies (Katie Hartman, Colleen Twing, and myself) for bringing it in August. August can be a slow month in the fitness industry because people are busy and struggling with finances and all the back to school activities/costs. But, these ladies PUSHED hard and we managed to get our last few points on the last day. All 3 of us earned this cool USA Team Beachbody ball cap.

What's even cooler is we helped get 15 people started on their health and fitness journey which means 15 lives are going to be changed for the better! It's not about being perfect, but about making healthier choices most of the time and getting active. It's about feeling confident in your skin and learning to love you again. I really do love what I do as a Beachbody Coach. Yes, it requires work and effort, but so does any job; but I get to set my own hours and I am the best boss. HaHa ;) If you have ever wanted to learn more about what we do as Coaches and how amazing our Team is, please contact me and let's chat. I am just a regular hot mess mom who had a dream in her heart and has just followed a simple recipe to build this business. I teach my team to do the same and they are achieving goals like paying off debt, traveling more and some are almost ready to quit their full time jobs after just a few years of working this part time in the mom cracks. If they can do it; so can you!

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