Go Confidently In The Direction of Your Dreams. Ramblings of a Beachbody Coach.

Go Confidently In The Direction of Your Dreams: Ramblings of a 2 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach. 

This cheap little sticker has moved four times and every time I put it by my desk to remind me to dream big and believe that anything is possible.
Several years ago a wise mentor told me, "why not me?," why would this business work for some but not work for me? That was such a simple question, and it really struck a chord for me because it was hard to swallow the truth--the truth that I was the only person standing in the way of my goals and my dreams. That no one else could do it for me. That there was no secret sauce; no microwave success...Sure, as a team we could work together and achieve goals together, but my journey was my own and no one could force me; no one convince me (I'm stubborn!) and ultimately I was in charge of my own destiny.
For so long, I settled for just existing. Just excepting the way life was. Living in a poverty mindset and barely making ends meet for a very long time as a one income family. Many might say why didn't you work, but with a special needs child it was never that simple. I followed my dreams and achieved my degree a few years back but my family needed me at home so I gave up on my dreams and my vision and settled for an " it is what it is" attitude. I worked full time for a year to get us out of debt when we lived in Colorado, and I absolutely loved how it made me feel to contribute to my family; but, with two small children, one being special-needs, it was very draining and took it's toll on me emotionally.
Many of you know I struggle with anxiety and depression and doing two full-time jobs basically was just too much for me. Once we moved to another state thanks to the military, I decided to stay home and that started my love affair with couponing. LOL yup, I was the crazy coupon lady.
Fast forward to today, where I have worked hard and been consistent for four years and have build something amazing that I can be proud of. That my family can be proud of. I still have so many lives left to change; so, I am not done yet. I really love what I do, but it is work and there are days where I don't want to show up, but I remind myself of those people who reach out to me and tell me that I changed their life and that drives me to move forward.
The sticker on the wall reminds me daily to keep moving forward --even if those steps are tiny baby steps --every day; to take steps toward my dreams and my God-given destiny. Because, I refuse to go back to the person I used to be. The person who gave up on her life and herself and her future. I'm fighting a only for me but for my family, future generations, and my fellow coworkers whom are also going confidently in the direction of their dreams.
If you've ever wanted to know more about what I do and how you can follow the same recipe and build something amazing that will change your family's legacy, or maybe you just want to be a part of a community that is uplifting and supportive and encouraging, or maybe you just want to help impact lives and make a small supplemental income on the side, email me, or leave me a comment below. Let's chat. 
*If you're already working with a fellow coach, please reach out to them. If your Coach is not helping you, I would love to assist you. 

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