10 Reasons a Woman Should Lift Weights to Lose Weight

Many women are afraid of lifting weights because they think they will get bulky, but truth be told, you WON'T unless you are using steroids or have a HUGE amount of testosterone. Weight training has many benefits to changing the way your body looks, weight loss due to increased fat burning, bone density as we age, balance and stability, health and so much more. And let's not forget, muscle burns more calories which means you can eat MORE food! I love food and would like to eat more. How about you? After 30 our muscle declines and that means our calorie intake needs to go down or we will gain weight. UNLESS, you do weight training. 
A few reasons why weight training is the BOMB....
1. You will burn more fat 
2. It will change your body shape.
3. Increase your Metabolism
4. You will stand taller and feel more confident!
5. It helps prevent osteoporosis because weight training strengthens your bones too!
6. Helps fight those winter blues and depression due to the endorphins that your brain releases after a workout. 
7. Helps you fight diabetes because the more muscle you have the more efficient your body is at balancing blood sugars and processing glucose. 
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