Hammer And Chisel Workout Available With Free Shipping Or Discounted With Shakeology.

Hammer and Chisel Workout is available now & will be discounted in January 2016.

Beachbody's newest weight training, body sculpting, sexy abs, fat blasting workout by Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev are finally here. If you are ready to take the challenge and sculpt your body

~ Click here to order the base workout program for $89 ~ 

*includes the base workout plus 4 additional workouts, an 8 pound medicine ball, an extra set of portion control containers & a Shakeology Shaker cup. 

For a bundled savings including 30 days of Shakeology and the workout program for $160 in December, 2015 click here.

Contact me with your order # via email at jenniferwoodfitness@gmail.com for free Coaching and support through this program. We have a new test/launch group starting soon. Join our very first Hammer and Chisel Fitness and Nutrition Accountability group.

What's included in the workout program/kit? see below

How does the base kit differ from the deluxe Hammer and Chisel kit? see below.

What equipment is needed for Hammer and Chisel? see below

Is there a money back guarantee? Yes, there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

The Master's Hammer and ChiselBase Kit Deluxe Kit                              
60-day Money Back Guarantee   Yes  Yes 
14 WORKOUTS (6 DVD's) RUN TIME       
Safety Video3:17YesYes
Chisel Balance41:05YesYes
Iso Strength Chisel36:39YesYes
Chisel Endurance36:55YesYes
Chisel Cardio39:00YesYes
Chisel Agility38:29YesYes
Total Body Chisel36:04YesYes
Hammer Plyometrics26:29YesYes
Iso Speed Hammer24:11YesYes
Total Body Hammer43:48YesYes
Max Hammer Strength36:53YesYes
Hammer Power39:10YesYes
Hammer Conditioning30:42YesYes
10 Min Ab Chisel10:56YesYes
10 Min Ab Hammer12:29YesYes
The Master's Cardio17:38YesYes
Hammer Build Up32:59NoYes
Power Chisel30:16NoYes
15 Min Leg Hammer18:41NoYes
15 Min Glute Chisel17:53NoYes
7 Color-Coded Portion-Control ContainersYesYes (2 sets included)
Shakeology Shaker Cup (25 oz.)YesYes
8-lb Medicine BallNoYes

24/7 Online SupportYesYes
60-Day CalendarYesYes
Quick Start GuideYesYes
Program and Nutrition GuideYesYes
There are no items that are free to keep with purchase.
The products in the kit do not contain natural rubber latex that may cause severe allergic reactions.

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