Date Night In Savannah: Bella Napoli ~ It's like a trip back to Italy!

I just love when we get to have date nights together. For so long we could not afford to go out to eat except on very rare occasions, so being able to do this together is such a blessing. It's important to spend time together without the stressors of everyday life. It's important to invest and make time for one another. We have been married for over 15 years by the grace of God. We have had many ups and downs and have learned and been through some tough stuff. It will either make you stronger or break you. 15 years of our marriage was spent as a military couple which in itself is so difficult. Deployments and hardships, the low pay -- well the first 10 years or so -- the emotions of not having family close by, moving every 2-3 years -- its HARD! But, thankfully, after Jason served in the Army for 22 years he was able to retire early and now has a civilian job which allows him to be home with us at night and on the weekends instead of being across the world in a dangerous place. I am so thankful for this! He is my world and I love him so very much. Yes, sometimes I get so mad at him I just want to sign the divorce papers, but I cannot live without this man. He is my rock. 

Bella Napoli - Beautiful Naples - we lived in Naples, Italy!

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