Throwback Tuesday: Military Homecoming & The Pain of Deployments

Throwback Tuesday: Military Homecoming & The Pain of Deployments 

What an awesome day this was. Jason had just arrived home from his deployment to Afghanistan after 9 months. Man those 9 months were hard. It literally almost takes my breath away just thinking about the emotions I felt while he was away. He is such a big part of my life and when he is away it just feels like part of me is missing. Many days I felt like I literally couldn't live another day without him. 

The first time he deployed back in 2006, I still remember when he left the house early in the morning and my world just collapsed. My back just slid down the back of the door and I cried like I have never cried before. Then I remember opening the door hoping he would be there and he wasn't and again I was crushed. I would start crying while driving down the road and not just kind of crying, but like ugly crying. Anyways, saying goodbye as a military family is one of the hardest things we have to do. But, on the flip side, the time apart makes your marriage stronger and let’s just be adults here, the sex is awesome when they get home! I am so thankful for this man and for his sacrifice for our family. I am thankful that he no longer has to deploy overseas and be away from us. I am so thankful to have the extra income so that he was able to retire from the Army after 22 years years of service instead of being forced to stay longer due to financial stress. We don’t always get along and its not always roses, but he has my heart as long as he will have me. 

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