How do I get Focus T25 at a discount?

Big sale during the month of August with Beachbody on the fabulous Focus T25. This is possibly one of my all time favorite workouts because it works. It will get you chiseled in no time at all. It's on sale bundled with Shakeology in January for only $180 and includes $2 shipping. It's a total savings of $90!

Check out this video on Focus T25. Need low impact? It has a low impact modifier.

You will also be eligible to join our 30 day Elite Private Support Group where I will give you a meal plan every 30 days and you will have my personal support. We will give you daily accountability in the group, but this group is an optional benefit for you --not a requirement. We focus on eating balanced, clean foods. We focus on lifestyle change and not perfection. My clients who plug into the group get the best results. If you would like more information email me at Add me as a friend on Facebook too!

To order Focus T25 now for $180 with Shakeology and $2 Shipping, click HERE. You'll also get a BONUS DVD (Core Speed) when you order from me! 

Not ready for the bundle, click HERE to order Just the workout for $119.95 Plus Shipping. 

Contact me for other specials this month like Body Beast and Brazil Butt Lift. 


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