P90X3 New Year's Resolution to Get In Shape and Lose Weight in January 2014

January 2014 is almost here and you know what that means! Time to work off those Holiday treats and get in shape for spring and summer! We will be starting a new online fitness support group on January 6th which will focus on nutrition, meal planning(meal plan every 30 days too!), and working out of coarse! It's 60 days of fun and hard work, but the results will be amazing. You will get one on one with me daily in our private facebook, as well as the support from other like minded people just like you who are ready to change their lifestyle and lives. Most of us will be doing P90x3, but you are also welcome to join us with a different Beachbody fitness program as well.

The P90x3  bundled deal with Shakeology is discounted during December, but come January 1st it will be going up $25. This gives you access to the support group, me, meal plans, and so much more. It's the whole package! Don't just buy a product, but buy a support system with products that work.

To sign up for my "Bring in the New Year" January 6th group, please message me at usarmywife@gmail.com or www.fb.com/jenniferwoodfitness, so we can get you set up and ready to rock and roll.

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