P90X3 Available Now For a Discounted Price

From December 10th through the 31st, P90X3 will be available at a discounted price when bundled with Shakeology. The bundle includes 30 days of Shakeology (a once a day powerhouse of nutrition and also a meal replacement for those of you wanting to lose weight too).The bundle, Challenge Pack, is discounted to $180 with free shipping. Or if you are wanting to order just the workout program, it is $119.85 and you will get a free X3 hat with purchase from a Coach (that's me!).

Just the workout = $119.85
The bundled package with the workout and 30 days of Shakeology = $180

Ready to join our fitness and nutrition group starting on January 6th? This is for those of you who are ready to really BRING in the new year. It will even include a meal plan and daily support from me! Message me at usarmywife@gmail.com if you want in on this group and I will add you, but you must be my customer or Coach on my Team.

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