Menu Plan Monday 01/10/2011

I know, I know, it's been a while again. Things have been consistently caotic around here and I am sure they will not be getting any better any time soon. I cannot wait until Spring comes so I can hopefully get "Spring Fever" and start organizing more. Our home is so unorganized right now and to be honest, its driving me nuts. Yet, I cannot figure out where to begin. Organizing is definitly not my forte. I am pretty sure the dissaray is due to unpacking so quickly and shoving things here and there just to get it out of sight. Now comes the fun part, purging, sorting and organizing - YUK! I do not like organizing. It makes my brain hurt. :) But, lets get to the menu for the week. Our schedule has started to pick up more, so I am finding we dine out more (fine with me). We live about 30 - 40 minutes away from most places, so its almost impossible to eat at home on nights we have to be somewhere at 5 or 6.  So, on those days, we plan on eating out and the rest, we will eat at home.

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  • Monday - Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
  • Tuesday - *Cowboy Stew
  • Wednesday – Dining Out
  • Thursday - *Chicken Enchiladas, Beans and Rice (using pre shredded chicken)
  • Friday – Leftovers
  • Saturday – Dining Out
  • Sunday – *Lasagna or Chili Dogs
*Dishes that can be made ahead and frozen or refrigerated

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